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Project Status & Updates

The Web Improvement Project is intentionally being open and transparent about this multi-year process, asking campus to follow the project's status here or by signing up for regular email updates.

Spring 2023

Mighty Citizen visits campus to present the landscape analysis and implementation plan to members of the President’s Cabinet, the Council of Academic Officers and the UofL community. Implementation begins.

Fall 2022

Mighty Citizen conducted interviews, focus groups, a competitor analysis and current research review as part of their initial discovery phase. Their findings and recommendations were submitted in a landscape analysis, which will inform the implementation path and final product for UofL.

Summer 2022

Acquia and Mighty Citizen were selected as the university’s new technology platform and implementation partner, respectively. Contracts were negotiated and finalized with both vendors.

Spring 2022

The Steering Committee selected a finalist—including a technology platform and implementation partner—and presented their recommendation to the Executive Committee.

Fall 2021

The Steering Committee narrowed their search to three finalist teams, who each presented demonstrations of their respective technology platform and expounded on their proposed implementation approach.

Summer 2021

The Steering Committee reviewed proposals from vendors across the country and around the globe and began charting their review process.

Spring 2021

The project teams surveyed, interviewed and charted the functional needs of the university both now and in the future. This groundwork lay the foundation for an extensive RFP process, which closed in May 2021.

Fall 2020

The two committees convened to define project success, determine a budget, outline requirements for a new system and its associated processes and identify potential project barriers.

Spring 2020

The Web Improvement Project was officially announced to campus. An Executive committee—comprised of members from the President’s Office, Information Technology Services, Enrollment Management, Compliance and the Office of Communications and Marketing—was formed to provide vision, direction and scope for the initiative while ensuring that improvements align with the university’s mission, vision and values. A Steering Committee was also formed to ensure that the concerns and needs of our entire organization are heard and taken into consideration.