Theatre Arts Work Scholarships

Students performing on stage

Theatre Arts Work Scholarships are applied to tuition in exchange for working 15 hours per week in a technical production area (scenery, costumes, stage properties, lighting, sound).

Eligibility Requirements

  • Full-time UofL undergraduate student
  • Approved Theatre Arts Major or Minor.
  • Good academic standing.
  • Completion of TA 240 Stagecraft I, TA 241 Stagecraft II, or equivalent experience.

Preferred Experience Level

  • Completion of a TA class in the desired production area and/or
  • Completion of TA 350 Practicum in the desired production area.

Application Procedure

Submission of a letter of interest (and resume, if you have one) describing your technical background, qualifications, specific interest in the position, and financial need. Each applicant will be scheduled for an interview with production department heads.

Letters of interest should be directed to Garry Brown, Production Manager 852-8688;