Mainstage Past Seasons

2017-18 Season

Poster: The African American Theatre Prograom for the University of Louisville's Department of Theatre Arts Presents, Miss Ida B. Wells, by Endesha Ida Mae Holland, Directed by Nefertiti Burton, September 22 through October 1, 2017 at Thrust Theatre, Sept 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 shows at 8pm, Sept 24 and Oct 1 shows at 3pm, Call 502-852-7682 for tickets and info, design by Springhouse Studio

Miss Ida B. Wells

September 22, 2017 thru October, 1, 2017
Thrust Theatre

By: Endesha Ida Mae Holland

Through a combination of historical fact and creative imagination Miss Ida B Wells powerfully depicts the life and times of a civil rights activist and journalist who fought against the lynching of Black men at the turn of the 20th century.

Find out more about Miss Ida B. Wells' history.

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Our Country's Good

Our Country's Good

November 10, 2017 thru November 19, 2017
The Playhouse

By: Timberlake Wertenbaker

The play follows the true life story of a group of convicts who having been deported to the colony of Australia, found themselves required to act in a production of George Farquhar's comedy 'The Recruiting Officer' which was staged in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1789. The actual production was the responsibility of Ralph Clark, an idealistic young lieutenant, who believed the drama would be a more salutary lesson than public hanging. How ironic then, that the choice of Farquhar's play should show British officers in such an unflattering light.

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The University of Louisville Department of Theatre Arts Presents Eurydice, written by Sarah Ruhl and Directed by Senn Ariadne Calvano. January 26 through February 4 at the Thrust Theatre.


January 26, 2018 thru February 4, 2018
Thrust Theatre

** With a Talk-back after the show Feb 2nd**

By: Sarah Ruhl

On the day of her wedding, Eurydice falls victim to a tragic accident that sends her hurtling into a wonderland of an Underworld: ripped from her beloved Orpheus, the greatest musician in the world, Eurydice is reunited with her dead father in the Land of the Dead. Orpheus journeys to retrieve his bride, but Eurydice has begun to discover that the cost of living again can sometimes exceed the cost of staying dead. Full of dark humor, lyrical beauty, and wit, Sarah Ruhl’s Eurydice transforms a traditional myth into a visceral, contemporary meditation on love worth grieving for.

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Fabulation or the Re-Education of Undine

February 23, 2018 thru March 4, 2018
The Playhouse

By: Lynn Nottage

Undine, a businesswoman who is skilled at social-climbing, is informed by her accountant that her husband has left her and taken all her money. With her life totally wrecked, Undine returns to Brooklyn and the life she left behind from her childhood. She meets up with her family, all of whom, except for her grandmother, work as security guards. Her grandmother is a heroin addict, and Undine is coerced into going to buy some for her. She is then arrested as her life spirals further out of her control.

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The Long Christmas Ride Home

April 13, 2018 thru April 22, 2018
Thrust Theatre

By: Paula Vogel

Past, present and future collide on a snowy Christmas Eve for a troubled family of five. Humorous and heart-wrenching, this beautifully written play by the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of How I Learned to Drive proves that magic can be found in the simplest breaths of life.

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2016-17 Season

Antigone production photo, male and female actors on stage


Spring, 2017

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Vanya and Sonia and Marsha and Spike production photo, male actor in foreground male and female actors in background

Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike

Directed by Russell Vandenbroucke
Spring, 2017

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Baltimore production photo female actress and male actor engage together on stage


By Kristen Greenidge
Directed by Nefertitit Burton
Spring, 2017

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The Big Ten Theatre Consortium of New Plays by and about Women featured Baltimore by Kristen Greenidge. 

King Lear production photo, Baron Kelly as King Lear holds actress in embrace

King Lear

By William Shakespeare
Directed by Jennifer Pennington
Fall, 2016

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Fences production photo, two African-American males engage in dialogue on stage


Fall, 2016

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2015-16 Season

Improvaganda! written on Hollywood like sign


from Guest Artist Erin Leigh Crites
Spring 2016


African American male and white female embrace


by Harold Pinter, directed by Russ Vandenbroucke
Spring 2016
Thrust Theatre

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Bloodline production photo of female actress

John Chenault's Bloodline Rumba

Directed by Nefertiti Burton
Spring 2016

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Poloroid Stories production photo of female actress

Naomi Iizuka's Polorid Stories

directed by Laura Early
Fall 2015
Thrust Theatre

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The Piano Lesson production photo of African American family scene

August Wilson's The Piano Lesson

Directed by Baron Kelly
Fall 2015

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2014-15 Season

The Tempest production photo of multiple actors on stage

William Shakespeare's The Tempest

Directed by Rinda Frye
Fall 2014

2013-14 Season

Three characters from Gem of the Ocean.

Gem of the Ocean

by August Wilson
Directed by Clinton Turner Davis
Spring 2014

2010-11 Season

Ensemble photo from A Perfect Wedding production.

A Perfect Wedding

By Charles Mee
Directed by Amy Steiger
Spring 2011

2009-10 Season

Two characters from Come Down Burning production.

Come Down Burning

By Kia Corthron
Directed by Nefertiti Burton
Fall 2009

2008-09 Season

Characters from Metamorphoses production.


By Mary Zimmerman
Directed by James Tompkins
Spring 2009

Characters from Hamlet production.

William Shakespeare's Hamlet

Directed by Rinda Frye
Fall 2008

Other Past Productions


African American Theatre company presents Richard III

Freedom Days


MLK Celebration