UofL Repertory Company


The Repertory Company’s mission is to fulfill  the University of Louisville Theatre Arts Department’s Arts-in-Action goals by creating content that engages, entertains, challenges and transforms while connecting the themes of our performance to  Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) curriculum standards.


It is our goal to offer these performances at an affordable cost to the community, and further support and nourish children’s learning by providing educational material and facilitations in conjunction with our content.




Every school year, a troupe of Master of Fine Arts in Performance candidates from the University of Louisville Theatre Arts Department perform plays in repertory for thousands of children, teachers, and other members of our community. Since its first performance on January 20, 1975, the Repertory Company has become one of the most visible aspects of the Theatre Arts Department at UofL, having performed for more than 100,000 people.


The Repertory Company’s long history is rooted in the belief that all youth deserve access to quality arts engagement and programming.  Moreover, the versatile tour structure allows the company to bring these vital experiences to a diverse range of schools and communities.  Below are some quotes from educators and students from our recent tours of Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Fly by Y York (2018-19) and Zomo the Rabbit: a Hip-Hop Creation Myth by Psalmeyne 23 (2019-2020):


●       “Our students do not get the opportunity to go on many field trips. It helps when great programs can come to them. Our students also love dancing and we know they would love the hip-hop.”- Melissa Escobar (Cane Run Elementary)


●      “Please extend a huge THANK YOU to the Repertory Theater for such a wonderful production today!! I have never seen our students sit so well for that length of time!! Again, bravo and thank you for the opportunity!”- Jacqueline Johnson (Greenwood Elementary)


●      “We are a Spanish Immersion school and we really appreciated ‘Leopard’ using Spanish language and music.”- Evelyn Trejo (Hawthorne Elementary)


●      “This was something the music teacher really wanted. It was a great fit for our students.”- Stormy Revlett (Jacob Elementary)