Undergraduate Studies


The Bachelor of Science is a 60-hour intensive study liberal arts program. With four core areas of study (Theatre History and Literature, Performance, Design and Production, African American Theatre), every student receives a broad base of study in all aspects of Theatre Arts. In addition, students have the opportunity to tailor their studies to specific areas of interest with 15-18 hours of program electives; they also use their class studies in practical application through lab work on Mainstage productions.

In addition, Theatre Arts offers 19-hour program minor options, with the opportunity to focus studies in a specific area, as well as a Minor in African American Theatre. In order to apply for a minor, a student must already have an approved major on record.

Acceptance into the undergraduate program does not require an audition. Upon admission to the university, apply for the major online with the college Academic Advising office. Approval from the college usually comes within 6-8 weeks, followed by a welcome letter from the Theatre Arts department that also will provide more information and the assignment of a Theatre Arts advisor.

Undergraduate work scholarships are available in technical production. Approved majors and minors are eligible to apply after completion of a Stagecraft class. Federal Work-Study positions are also available dependent upon eligibility requirements through the Office of Financial Aid.

If you are interested in more information about the undergraduate studies in Theatre Arts at the University of Louisville, contact the Theatre Arts front office at 502-852-7682. Campus visits can be arranged through the Admissions Office or contact the Theatre Arts front office about a department visit.


Undergraduate Student Handbook