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Undecided students are students who are still unsure of which major to pursue in college. Your Exploratory & Transition advisor will guide you through a major and career exploration process. We will help you develop an understanding of how your personality, interests, abilities, and values align with academic and career fields.


If you were admitted as or changed to a Pre-Unit plan (Pre-Business, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Education, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Music, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Public Health, Pre-Social Work), this means there are additional admission requirements for you to be admitted to the academic unit of your choice. Your Exploratory & Transition advisor will map out the steps to meet these requirements and guide you to academic success.


If you are a former UofL student who would like to return to the University, we invite you to meet with an Exploratory & Transition advisor. We can help you explore majors, get updates on admission requirements, discuss academic options, and more!


If you are a transfer student (coming to UofL from another institution), and are admitted as Undecided or Pre-Unit, you will be assigned to an Exploratory & Transition advisor after your first advising appointment with them. We will assist you in choosing a major or getting admitted to your unit of choice.


Exploratory & Transition advisors are happy to meet with students who have not yet been admitted to the University of Louisville. If you are unsure of majors or programs, want to know what is required to get into a desired major, or just want to see what UofL has to offer - please schedule a time to meet with us and see how we can help!

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