Welcome to Exploratory & Transition Advising!

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Who We Are

If you're undecided, haven't been admitted to your unit of choice yet, or you're just starting to question your major or where you fit, we're here to help!

Visit us in the SSC. We're in the Belknap Academic Building on the 1st Floor. Any undergraduate student at UofL can make an appointment with one of us. Just check out our Appointments page or call 502.852.7969!

How We Help

Each student has a different path, and we know about so many opportunities that we can share to help you find your fit at UofL. That's our whole mission! Together with the university's and the College of Arts & Sciences' advising practices, we provide individualized guidance to support students like you in the thoughtful exploration of education plans that meet you academic and career goals.

We'll help you:

  • Assess your strengths, interests, values, and skills to select an appropriate major.
  • Use campus and academic support services to reach your academic goals.
  • Develop skills in self-advocacy, self-efficacy, and self-regulation.
  • Transition to your academic program of choice.

How to Find Us

Incoming freshmen: If you come to UofL as Undecided or Pre-Unit, we will introduce ourselves at orientation and help you select your first semester of coursework. In addition, you will take GEN 100 (First Year Experience), where you will learn more about yourself (like your interests, skills, and personality) to help you explore what it means to be a college student. You'll even research majors and careers and set goals for your academic success.

Current UofL students: If you are changing majors or exploring options, we can give you advice about UofL majors that fit your interests, see how your credits will count towards a new degree, or help you get admitted into a different school or college at UofL. We might also recommend GEN 201 (Major Exploration and Career Decision-Making), a course for students who are undecided in their major or questioning their fit at UofL.

Transfer, Returning, or Prospective students: If you are returning after time away, thinking about transferring to UofL, or are still in high school but have questions about majors you can come see us! We would like to learn more about you, your interests, and your goals, and together we can work to help you reach them.

Student Success Center

University of Louisville

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Office Hours

M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm


tel (502) 852-7969

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