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The Host: Hello everyone and welcome back to the Student Affairs Podcast Series. My name is Daniel Pinto. I am a former student here at University of Louisville and I will be hosting today’s episode. We have an interesting guest, currently she is residing in South Korea, and we would love to know more about the culture, language, and opportunities that the university provides. Camryn Meece, thank you so much for coming to our podcast today, we are so happy to have you here with us. How are you doing?

Camryn Meece: I'm doing good. Thanks for inviting me. It's exciting.

The Host: Of course. And well, moving on to our first question, could you please tell us just a little bit about your study abroad experience? How did you apply for the program and why South Korea?

Camryn Meece: Yeah. So, I originally just looked on the Study Abroad website at UofL and picked my place. I chose Korea because I felt Europe would be kind of boring to me and I know that's bad to say, but I definitely wanted something different than, what I was living in. Asia would have done it for me, and it has. I chose Usak as my provider, and they've been great, so I really like them. I really like the school that I'm at, I'm at Yonsei University. It's one of the top universities here in Korea and it reflects that. The workloads a lot and they expect a lot from me, but that's OK because I signed up for it.

The Host: Yeah. And you know, obviously being in completely different culture have their been branding, misconceptions you've countered. Is English spoken pretty widely over there?

Camryn Meece: I want to say yes and no because I was told (you know, I'm not complaining because clearly, I wasn't coming here expecting people to know English) but I was told that, yeah, you'll be fine. You'll get away with speaking English to people, which has been true. But when I walk into, post office, hospitals, police station, stuff like that, of course, there's someone speaking English. But other than that, you don't really come across English that much. You'll see, like, a sign that says, like, chicken, and you'll know that it's chicken. But other than that, a lot of younger people speak some English, but they're shy because I'm a native English speaker, so clearly and speak it well and they don't, which is fine.

But yeah, there's that. There's not that much English around. Sometimes it's a little confusing, but just point. Or get a translator app and it'll work out. Nothing's too serious.

The Host: So, you I'm assuming you know some basic Korean, but it's not like you were fluent before going.

Camryn Meece: I knew hello in Korean when I showed up. So, it's been a little interesting I am in a Korean language program here so that has helped. I've learned key phrases and stuff like that.

The Host: That’s good and then uh, just my next question. What is your study of interest and how is this helping you in your future career?

Camryn Meece: Yeah. So, my end goal, my education is to do like communication between space agencies, between the US and Asia. So that's why I'm spending some time here to learn about stuff in international business exchange.

The Host: Okay, and then wrapping up one of my last questions, so you applied, this is a program through UofL. Is this a self-funded study abroad or is it a scholarship? How does this part work?

Camryn Meece: Personally, I'm self-funded. I did get a small scholarship from UofL, but I know a lot of people that can get full rides, partial, or scholarships from UofL or outside or even through their program providers. So, I guess it just depends on your own financial place.

The Host: Well, that's pretty much everything on my side. Is there anything that you would want to add, anything about why people should study abroad, because it's an unforgettable experience, is what I've heard.

Camryn Meece: Yeah, I will say that everyone says that I will be changed when this is over, and I haven't really felt that yet. I have noticed that I've learned a lot about myself. I don't really feel changed yet, but I have learned a few things about how I was living and I was like "oh, okay" but I'm definitely —don't be afraid to, go to a place where they don't speak English because I know that I think Asia as a whole has turned a blind eye when studying abroad because they may think, I don't know whatever about it, but it's really, it's not that bad. You'll meet people that can speak both languages and they can help you and translator apps are always available, so just don't be afraid to go somewhere where they don't speak your language because it's really the big deal. It's kind of fun when things go wrong.

The Host: Yeah, it makes for a good story later. But yeah, thank you, Cameron, for telling us about your experience. I hope other students can have the opportunity to try these and have such incredible experiences as well. Thank you again for coming and good luck with everything.

Camryn Meece: Thank you.

The Host: Oh, and my last thing. So how long are you there for?

Camryn Meece: I'm here for the spring and summer session and then I'll actually be in Japan for the fall, so I will be in Asia for a year.

The Host: Well. Have fun. I mean, never been there, so I wouldn't know what to do.

Camryn Meece: Yeah, this is my first-time leaving home, I mean, I don't even get out of Kentucky that much. Like, sometimes I'll go to Tennessee, but other than that... So, it was a big step.

The Host: And then it was a year in Asia.

Camryn Meece: Go big or go home.

The Host: Thank you, Camryn, so much. We hope you have a great experience.

Camryn Meece: Absolutely. Thank you so much.

The Host: For our students, for more information go to

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Finally, we would like to give a shout out to UofL Intramurals for engaging our students even over the summer and helping everyone to stay in shape.

That was all for today, thank you to our listeners for staying with us. We hope you enjoyed this episode and now you are open for new opportunities. Stay tuned, we will have another podcast next week. Take care. See you soon!


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