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The Host: Hello everybody and welcome back to the Student Affairs Podcasts Series. My name is … I am happy to be your host for this episode. In this episode we are going to talk about Disability Resource Center, what they are about and how they can help our students. Today we are joined by Colleen Martin … Hello Colleen, thank you for coming today, how are you doing?

The first question we would like to ask you is what the Disability Resource Center is all about?

Colleen Martin: The Disability Resource Center, which we call the DRC, is all about inclusion. We’re the department on campus that helps to facilitate equal access to the university’s programs and services for individuals with disabilities. We provide a wide variety of accommodations to students such as testing accommodations, supplemental notes, books in alternate format, access to assistive technology, and more depending on what each individual student needs. We recognize that disability is an important part of the diversity of our community, and we want this population to benefit from everything the University of Louisville has to offer, as well as the University to benefit from everything these students have to offer. The Host: That is great to know. Our following question is what sort of disabilities do you help with?

Colleen Martin: The DRC works with students with a wide variety of disabilities. Some students have more apparent disabilities which you might notice just by seeing or casually interacting with the individual. You may notice that someone is blind because you see them using a white cane or service dog to navigate around campus. You may notice that a classmate is Deaf if they are seen using an American Sign Language interpreter during class. You may notice that someone has a physical disability if you see them using a wheelchair or other mobility device. These are often the individuals that people think of when they think about who uses the Disability Resource Center. While we do work with students with these types of disabilities, they actually represent a very small portion of the students that we serve. More often, you will not be able to determine that an individual has a disability by seeing or casually interacting with them. Disabilities of this type are sometimes referred to as hidden disabilities. Examples include ADHD, learning disabilities, mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, autism spectrum disorder, chronic health conditions like lupus, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes, and traumatic brain injuries. Most of the individuals with disabilities on the University of Louisville campus have disabilities like these which are not readily apparent.

The Host: Absolutely, and how do I get help with classes if I have a disability?

Colleen Martin: If a student wishes to receive accommodations through the DRC, the first step will be providing us with documentation of their disability which helps us determine their eligibility for services. Documentation guidelines are available on our website explaining what information we are looking for in this documentation. The website address is louisville.edu/disability. The next step is meeting with one of our coordinators to discuss the student’s needs and determine what services we can provide for them. After this initial meeting, the student will be able to request accommodations each semester through an online portal. This request allows the needs to their instructors.

The Host: Excellent. Before we sign off, is there anything you want to add?

Well said. Thank you, Colleen we really appreciate, that you were here today with us. Take care!

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