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Cishella Welcome to another Student Affairs podcast. My name is Cishella, and I will be your host today in this interview, where we will chat with Rachel Evans, a counselor and art therapist from the counseling center here at the University of Louisville. Today we will talk about the various groups and workshops they offer to the students and the benefits of those workshops. So, Rachel, thank you so much for being here with us today. My first question for you is, what types of groups and workshops does the counseling center offer?

Rachel Good morning and thank you so much for having me. The types of groups that we offer at the counseling center are based on different areas, different topics that we see a lot of need for in students. This semester, we're offering an art therapy group, a grief and loss group, anxiety stress management group and that one meets virtually. An LGBT support group called Prisms, a group based on depression management, which is called Getting Through the Blues, a graduate student support group which is open to graduate students of any or all disciplines. And finally, an international student support group which is also meeting virtually.

Cishella Wow, that is quite a variety of groups to choose from. Do you lead any of the groups in particular?

Rachel I do. I co-facilitate our art therapy group, which is one of my favorite things I get to do here at the center.

Cishella Awesome. So, where can students find information about how to sign up for the groups, like where they're located and things like that? If they're not virtual.

Rachel Yes. So, most of our groups are meeting in person, except for those two that I mentioned, and the best way to find out information is looking on our website. We also advertise it on all of our social media channels, and you can just call the counseling center to find out more information about how to get signed up.

Cishella Okay, awesome. So, what social media outlets do you guys utilize so that we can follow you? And what's your name for those?

Rachel Yeah so, we're on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and our handle on Instagram is UofL Counseling Center, same with Facebook, and then on Twitter it's UofL counseling.

Cishella Awesome. So, it sounds like those are great resources for students to get information pertaining to groups and workshops.

Rachel Yes, and especially right now because we are currently recruiting members for our groups, and we'll be starting them this week and the next. So, we're currently advertising all of these.

Cishella Awesome. Well, that is great to hear that they are going to be starting this week and how timely of this podcast so that we can help you advertise those workshops. So, what would you say to a student some of the benefits are for attending a group or workshop.

Rachel I tell students all the time it can just be a great resource to get support to connect with other students who might be dealing with similar issues that bring them to the counseling center. I think there's a sense of universality where groups really help members realize that they're not alone in whatever their struggle may be. And many of our groups have a psycho educational component to them, so it can be a great opportunity to learn more about this particular area of mental health. Each group is facilitated by a group leader and sometimes a co-leader who might be another licensed clinician here at the center, or one of our graduate students who are here as an intern with us.

Cishella That's wonderful. Definitely a lot of reasons why students should sign up for those workshops and groups.

Rachel Yes, absolutely.

Cishella So, why did the counseling center decide to offer these groups and these workshops for the student population?

Rachel Well, again, we really try to tailor them to the needs that we see in students, the reasons that bring them in seeking counseling. And of course, a lot of students have the idea in mind when they come here that individual therapy is what they need. They need that one-on-one environment with the clinician. And so, a lot of times they don't have group in mind. And I've learned a couple of tricks when it comes to recommending them. I will first ask a student, hey, so what are you doing on Wednesdays at 03:00 this semester? If they tell me they're available, then that gives me a chance to really put a plug in for these groups. And students can be kind of nervous at the idea of group therapy, just not feeling comfortable talking about personal things with other people that they don't know. But it can really be the best way to resolve the concerns that are bringing them into counseling and again, get that support from other people. And I think a lot about how we live in such a hyper connected world now, but at the same time, we can be very isolated, and we're seeing this a lot with students who have been navigating the pandemic these past couple of years and group can just be a really wonderful way to connect with people in person.

Cishella Well, thank you so much. It sounds like the university really cares about their students and they want to provide multiple avenues and opportunities for them to be successful and to have just all of the support that they need. So, thank you for being a participant in that and for all of your hard work, and I really appreciate your time today in participating in this interview. So, thank you, Rachel, I really appreciate that.

Rachel Yeah, thank you so much for the opportunity. It's been my pleasure.

Cishella Awesome. Well, that's it, everybody. We're going to go ahead and wrap this up with did you know that if you have a disability, you can get accommodations through the Disability Resource Center? All you have to do is go to their website and request to fill out those forms. Thank you, everyone, have a great day.


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