The Host: Hello everybody and welcome back to the Student Affairs Podcasts Series . My name is Daniel Pinto, I am a fifth-year student at the University of Louisville, I am majoring in biology. I am happy to be you host today.

In this episode, we are going to talk about ConcernCenter, what they do, what they help with, and how to get in touch with them. Today I am joined by Geri Morgan, student care manager for the Dean of Students. Thank you for coming Geri, how are you doing?

The Host: What is ConcernCenter?

Geri Morgan: UofL ConcernCenter was launched in August 2018. It is an interactive online resource directory where students and others at UofL can search for the correct resource to meet their concerns. The user can search by typing in their question or concern in the search bar, or they can pick a category such as Academic, Social, Financial, etc. Or they can choose from a list of over 100 concerns in the system. How it works is it directs the user to the primary office on Belknap campus that addresses that particular concern and then also lists secondary offices that may help. Each resource page gives some information about that office or resource, the physical location on campus using Google Maps, and how to contact that office. There is even the opportunity to email the resource directly from ConcernCenter, but this type of communication should not be used in an emergency situation.

For example, if a student was experiencing anxiety, they could put that in the search bar and it will take them to buttons to choose Anxiety or Depression. Then when they press the button that says Anxiety, they are directed to the Counseling Center’s resource page and how to reach them and where they are located. But if they scroll down, they’ll find other resources that will help, too, such as Campus Health, the Dean of Students Office, the Disability Resource Center, and others.

If a student is having money issues, they may want to go to the Financial category and choose Can’t Afford Food. Then they will be directed to the Cardinal Cupboard among other resources that can assist or point them in the right direction for help. We are currently expanding the resource directory to include offices on the Health Sciences Campus and even hoping to customize to include some community-based resources.

The Host: How do you help our students?

Geri Morgan: ConcernCenter is a great help to our students and even to those on campus who may use it to help direct a student. While it’s not an app, anyone can save it on their phone for easy reference. It is a centralized place to find which office can help with an issue and where it is located so you can walk in or easily have the contact information to that office to call and ask for assistance.

The Host: Where do I go to find you?

Geri Morgan: ConcernCenter is online at and is a resource of the Dean of Students Office. I encourage everyone to save it on their laptop or desktop and phone for easy reference. It is also linked through many other online pages at, including Engage, REACH, and the New Cards app, to name a few.

The Host: Excellent, and with that we would like to end today’s interview Geri, thank you again for such valuable information. We were happy to hear such an informative and valuable information, hope our students enjoyed it as well. Thank you!

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And last, but not least, for our listeners, thank you for spending time with us and stay tuned. We’ll have another podcast out soon.


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