2020-2021 Faculty Favorites

Please join us in congratulating the SPHIS faculty and instructors who were named “Faculty Favorites” by their students. 

Read what our students had to say:

Lee Bewley

Dr. Bewley is a great professor, respectful and always joyful.

Amazing professor! Goes above and beyond for his students!

Dr. Bewley was nothing short of amazing this semester! Not only as a professor, but also as an advisor!

Susan Buchino

Dr. Buchino is not my direct professor. I was her co-instructor for the PHPB 300 Social Foundations course. I have to say that watching her transform this course into an experience for the students was awesome. She was meticulous about the content presented and made sure that students interests' came first. She was awesome this fall!

Ryan Combs

Dr. Combs is engaging, creative with curriculum l, and challenges students to critically think through an issue. The classroom vibe is one where you feel comfortable and confident to contribute.

Liza Creel

Dr. Creel is a phenomenal educator. In the classroom she has the ability engage students in a number of potentially divisive health policy issues, always allowing space for students to share opinions and engage in dialogue with one another. She facilitates these conversations in a way that promotes learning and minimizes the opportunity for hostility among classmates.

Dr. Creel understood that non-traditional students may have different time demands and made herself available outside office hours. This was especially helpful as I navigate very different demands and responsibilities during COVID. Her awareness and encouragement gave me the confidence to succeed this semester despite working full time and family responsibilities!

Theodore Edmonds

Professor Edmonds really cares about the well-being of students. During this pandemic, he has made the effort to go out of his way and help students understand their work. He is very understanding and such a wonderful, entertaining professor to have in the classroom!

The professor really made a difference in my learnings.

He has made virtual learning interesting, fun, and impactful. I have really enjoyed being in his classroom! All of our assignments are creative and practical!

Jenna El-Masri

Jenna is my favorite because she has done so much for me this fall semester and I can't thank her enough. She was the only person who has encouraged me and gave me hope when I was at my lowest. She genuinely cares for her students and wants the best for them. She works very hard to help them and does everything she can with their best interest in mind.

Frank Groves

I will like to thank him for all the help and understanding. He was very understanding of my situation and helped me a lot to finish the course.

Brian Guinn

Professor Guinn helped me to adjust to graduate school. He inspired me and made me feel like I did belong. As the semester progress, he made sure all of his students knew that they are important. Regardless of grades, he pushed us to continually do our best and never give up.

He worked hard to make sure that we understood. His goal was not to test us into oblivion, but to help make sure that we understood the content.

Great strides to teach a difficult topic in an accessible way. Could attend virtual/in-class social distanced with masks/watch a recording after class. Epidemiology, difficult topic but we were given lots of opportunities to learn and engage with concepts. Very responsive, always checking in. Communicative and open to communication and feedback. Just a genuinely kind individual who wanted to see us do well.

Dr. Guinn has made this uncertain and difficult semester one of the best I have ever had. He cares about his students and his top priority is making sure that his students learn and excel. He has inspired me to take more classes in the field of Epidemiology, and I thank him so much for a great semester!

Professor Brian Guinn was a wonderful instructor who really showed his enthusiasm into Epidemiology, and Public Health, at large. I really enjoyed his classes and learned a lot with the assignments. He is very personable and shows students he cares about their academic experiences.

He just really went above and beyond this semester to make the transition to online classes and brand new classes a lot easier. He also became more than just a professor for a lot of us; he became a sorely needed mentor and confidant. 10/10 professor and all around awesome human being.

Dr. Guinn is so caring about his students. He truly believes in their success and will do whatever he can to help them. He is entertaining, interesting, relates what he teaches to the outside world, and always available. I loved his class and getting to know him this semester!

Very patient, understanding, cool and very helpful for the assignments and very much oriented for academic success of every student. Very respectful and honorable professor of all..

Loved his class and how he taught it! Learned so much.

Bakeerathan Gunaratnam

He went above and beyond to ensure student's success in the course. Always was prompt and helpful when responding, always asked if there was anything more he could/should be doing, and always was respectful of us as student's with personal lives!!!!! Amazing professor!!

Muriel Harris

For her hard work, dedication and selfless efforts for her students and making them feel safe and heard

Dr. Harris is probably the most "keeping it real" professors I've had thus far in this program. She helps draw the parallels between what's in a book and what REALLY happens when we set forth with designing a program and ensuring it's appropriate for a targeted population. Truly enjoyed her course and look forward to the next evaluation.

Christopher Johnson

Dr. Johnson works tirelessly and supports students' professional development. He is accommodating and personalize interventions. Dr. Johnson has extensive knowledge of the discipline and generates innovative ways to address emerging challenges. I am quite pleased to have him as a mentor!

David Johnson

Caring, flexible, and helped me in my time of need. Forever thankful for him

Dr. Johnson goes above and beyond the call of education daily. He not only presents information about current events and how to unpack them, but encourages habits we will use in our public health careers daily. He is always available to help and is an unending source of encouragement and thoughtful advice.

David has always been an incredible, kind, and supportive professor! UofL and Public Health are lucky to have him.

Gabe Jones

His teaching style was perfect! Without any exams during the semester, we had to study all the required readings to prepare our reports and answer the discussion board questions! We could reach out to him whenever we needed him! We learned so much in his virtual classes!

Seyed Karimi

Dr. Karimi has been incredibly helpful this semester in providing instruction over why specific research methods are needed, and helping my classmates and I understand how we can use them. He has been patient with us, has provided complementary course readings to go along with his lectures, and has gone above and beyond to make himself available to those in the course.

KB Kulasekera

He is my favorite professor.

Doug Lorenz

He took the time to help me understand where I went wrong and worked with me to help me not make the same mistakes again. I am not sure how well I learned, but he worked really hard to help me understand the concepts.

Dr. Lorenz goes down in my books as my favorite professor I've ever had. I appreciate the time he took to answer my emails with endless questions. He was always quick to respond and give me feedback I needed to apply myself instead of just giving me the answers. Thank you Dr. Lorenz for your time and effort you put into your students' success and futures.

Andrew McCart

Dr. McCart is passionate and knowledgeable about Healthcare Leadership. He is fast to respond to emails and questions. Dr. McCart genuinely wants his students to succeed.

Dr. McCart is passionate about the success of his students. He educates in such an uplifting manor which encourages students to yearn for greatness. I feel very fortunate to learn under his instruction and value his constant advice.

He's a great teacher and is always willing to answer questions.

Very compassionate educator with a well rounded background and many real life assignments.

Riten Mitra

He is very excellent and helpful.

Rachel Neal

I had Professor Neal for Nutrition 4 You, a first time, new course at UofL. Professor Neal was very helpful, she was open to any and all questions, she knew what she was teaching very well, she was always positive, and she cared about her students and believed in us, not only for the class but also as individuals. If we applied ourselves, she made things possible!

Professor Neal is wonderfully passionate about her subject and teaches it in an exciting way.

Professor Neal has been more than kind this semester. She's the best professor I had so far since I've been in UofL

Professor Neal has gone above and beyond her responsibilities as a professor. Not only did she decide to work with me to get things done, she continuously checked on myself and my family and extended her support and help. To build a relationship with a professor, to know they really see you is a feeling unmatched. Words really cannot explain how much I appreciate her.

Dr. Neal is great hands down. She really wants to help you. She says it and she shows it. She is encouraging and was very compassionate during this term with all the online burnout. She deserves to be recognized for caring. Thanks.

Rachel Quick

Mrs. Quick is somebody who is willing to drop anything to help with any situation and a student may have. I've come to her numerous times with concerns about my degree or questions that I have about my career in the future, and if she was not able to answer my question directly she was always able to point me in the right direction to somebody who could.

Michael Sekula

He really put in the effort to make sure we knew the content and were comfortable with it. Virtual learning can be challenging but, he made it easy!

Kira Taylor

Terrific instructor with outstanding knowledge of the field, and very friendly and accommodating. I used her expertise to the full extent and was very fortunate to have the opportunity to work and learn a lot.

Tammi Alvey Thomas

With the pandemic and everything going, she makes school less stressful. She very understanding!

Anne Wallis

Dr. Wallis is one of the most incredible individuals I have ever met. Her willingness to work with and mentor students is unparalleled.

Robin Weiss

This professor continues to help us, the students grow in our own individual ways aiding us each on our own path. She has been a continuous supporter this semester even from just the blackboard announcements she is able to lift my spirits.

Monica Wendel

One of my favorite teachers I have ever had. Always there if you need someone to talk to or answer any questions you have.

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