Pay and Benefits

The University of Louisville offers competitive pay and benefits, such as health insurance, to its post-doctoral associates. You can learn more about these benefits below. 

Career Level Years of Experience Stipend for FY 2023 Monthly Stipend
Postdoctoral 0 $56,484 $4,707
Postdoctoral 1 $56,880 $4,740
Postdoctoral 2 $57,300 $4,775
Postdoctoral 3 $59,592 $4,966
Postdoctoral 4 $61,572 $5,131
Postdoctoral 5 $63,852 $5,321
Postdoctoral 6 $66,228 $5,519
Postdoctoral 7 or More $68,604 $5,717

These guidelines clarify what is expected in terms of attendance and time away from the university for Postdoctoral (G12) Trainees and Postdoctoral Fellows (H12). 

Types of Absences: 

  • Sick Days: Unplanned typically short-term absence. Trainees/Fellows should communicate with their mentor as appropriate to ensure all responsibilities continue to be met. The number of sick days is limited to 15 per year.  Any additional time is up to the discretion mentor. 
  • Vacation: Vacation should be planned in advance with the mentor and limited to 10 business days per year. Any additional time is up to the discretion mentor. 
  • University holidays: Typically, 13 per year, including breaks. Fellows/Trainees should discuss taking time off with the mentor and not assume that absence (during Spring break for example) is acceptable. 
  • Family Leave: Either parent is eligible for paid leave of 6 weeks after the birth or adoption of a child. Time in excess of 6 weeks must be approved by the mentor and will be counted as sick leave or vacation.  
  • University related travel: Typically, this is to attend a scientific conference or other meeting relevant to the career development of the trainee/fellow. The meeting dates should correspond closely with the planned absence. The mentor should be notified of the dates during which the trainee/fellow will be away. Please note that all international travel requires additional authorization.  Please consult your mentor, Unit Business Manager or Lead Financial Officer before purchasing tickets or making reservations for travel.  
  • Personal travel to country of origin by international students: The mentor should be notified of plans for any such trip s even if personal in nature.  Due to the unpredictable nature of visa renewals, such trips often extend beyond the time period originally planned.  The Postdoc should discuss with the mentor the scheduled return.  If unable to return on that date and extension of the absence is necessary, personal vacation days should be used.  Salary support may be stopped if unable to return after using all available vacation time. 

*Please refer to the International Center for specific concerns regarding international travel.