Memorandums of Understanding

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) often referred to as a “Letter of Understanding,” “Collaboration Agreement,” “Memorandum of Agreement,” and is a non-binding agreement that outlines each party's intentions to work together or outlines the anticipated roles and responsibilities of a potential future, legally binding contract. MOUs are distinct in that they do not create a legal obligation on either of the parties to the agreement to act or provide resources. MOUs are often used either in cases where parties do not intend to create a legal contract or commitment. MOUs are not agreements that create a specific commitment to act by the university or require the university to pay money.

The University of Louisville and the outside entity are the only contractual parties. The lead researcher or principal investigator (PI) will also sign to acknowledge that they have read and understand their responsibilities but will not be a contractual party.

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Only those individuals who have specific authorization and received a signed letter from the University with signature authority are permitted to sign contracts binding the University. Individual researchers or PIs cannot sign on behalf of the University.