These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions for Post Docs.

Future Postdocs

The Postdoc position will include an email where the required applicant materials can be sent for review.

Current Postdocs

Yes, Postdocs are eligible and required to attend the mandatory orientation. More information regarding onboarding can be found Here.

Since Postdoc appointments are considered non-employee appointments, leave time is not accrued on your paycheck. It is up to the Postdoc and the Mentor to track vacation and sick time used throughout the year.

No, Postdoc leave time is given on an annual basis and does not carry forward to future years

The Postdoc Office sends out emails of funding opportunities, but we encourage you to review the Office of Research and Innovation’s “Find Funding” page, and sign up for the funding notification services.

Please reach out to Rashul Sartoris, Manager of Postdoctoral Services, at .

Faculty Mentors

Please go here to submit the information that will be listed in your posting. EEO, DEI, ADA and other standard information will be added to each open position. ()

Link: Here is a link to current NRSA Levels.

Graph: Here is a graph showing current NRSA Levels.

Career Level  Years of Experience  Stipend for FY 2023  Monthly Stipend 
Postdoctoral  $56,484  $4,707 
Postdoctoral  $56,880  $4,740 
Postdoctoral  $57,300  $4,775 
Postdoctoral  $59,592  $4,966 
Postdoctoral  $61,572  $5,131 
Postdoctoral  $63,852  $5,321 
Postdoctoral  $66,228  $5,519 
Postdoctoral  7 or More  $68,604  $5,717 

Please use the Postdoc appointment form to submit your request for approval. This form will route to the appropriate individuals for review. You will receive automated emails throughout the process as well as a final approval once all
review has been completed. Once you have the final approval you will send the draft offer letter to the candidate as the official offer.()

The funding source determines your Postdoc’s classification. If the Postdoc is funded on an NIH T32 grant, their status
will be Postdoc Trainee. Postdoc’s funded under any other source will be appointed with the Postdoc Fellow

An IDP is an Individual Development Plan. IDP’s are required for all Postdoc’s. Guidance for using an IDP can be found
(IDP Guide here). An example IDP can be found (Example IDP pdf here)

A postdoc position is a temporary and mentored training-focused appointment. Postdoc positions vary in length. After a Postdoc has been here for four years, the mentor will need to provide the IDP and an outline of the Postdoc’s progress
and projected career track timelines.

  • Postdoc Trainees receive increases based on NIH Notice of Award.
  • Postdoc Fellows automatically move to the next NIH NRSA stipend level in the month following their work

Business Operations will send you an email notifying you that your candidate has been approved. Once you send the
offer letter and receive a formal acceptance, you will move forward with the appointment in Workday, using the quick
reference guide provided by Business operations.

If a postdoc moves between classifications, this requires a new approval. Please fill out the postdoc approval form with
as many details as possible. Please note that the benefits will follow the classification.

Please submit an email to to terminate the position, cc’ing the Postdoc office at .