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      • What are your Office Hours?

9:00 am – 5:00 pm  Monday - Friday



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      • How do I change my name and address?

Change Name/Address


    • To change your name, you will need:
      1. A copy of your updated and signed social security card
      2. A copy of a photo ID

You may submit this information in person to the Registrar's Office, by mail at the address below, by Fax or by emailing it to REGOFF@louisville.edu.

If you are emailing, faxing, or mailing this request, please also enclose A HANDWRITTEN SIGNED note stating "Please change my name from _________________ to ______________" along with your signature.

To change your address, log onto ULink under Student Services, Personal Information, click Home and Mailing Addresses.

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      • Are diplomas mailed?

Diplomas will arrive at the Registrar's office approximately eight to ten weeks after the end of each term/semester. An email notification will be sent to all graduates when diplomas arrive and are ready to be picked up in the Office of the Registrar, Houchens Building.

When you pick up your diploma, be sure to verify that your name is spelled correctly and that your diploma includes any special notations if applicable (honors, etc).

If you live out of town, your diploma can be mailed to you. After the diploma has arrived in our office, students may call the Office of the Registrar at (502) 852-6522 or regoff@louisville.edu to arrange mailing. Diplomas cannot be mailed to local addresses including: Anchorage, Buckner, Clarksville, Crestwood, Goshen, Jeffersonville, LaGrange, Louisville, Mt. Washington, New Albany, Pewee Valley, Prospect or Shepherdsville.

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      • What are the dimensions of the Diploma?
The dimensions of the Official University of Louisville's Diplomas are 14 inches X 17 inches.

      • How do I order an official or unofficial transcript?

You may order by mail, web, or fax. http://louisville.edu/registrar/transcripts.html

If you need an official transcript emailed, you may make a request at https://www.studentclearinghouse.org/.

If you are not a current student, you password has likely expired.  When requesting unofficial or official transcripts, it will ask you to log in.  Your ID will be your social security number (without dashes) and the password will be your PIN number.

Your PIN number is 6 numbers long. If you are unable to remember your PIN, you can make your request using one of the other options on the website, or fax/scan and e-mail us a copy of your photo ID and a handwritten request asking us to release your PIN along with a signature.

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      • How do I get verification of enrollment or degree for insurance, employers, licensure, etc.?

You can visit our office with a picture ID or submit a signed request by fax, mail or email.

Please be advised:

The Registrar’s Office cannot complete an enrollment verification for an upcoming semester until your tuition is paid or the add/drop period has ended. Until one of those qualifications has been met, we can only provide a registration verification that states that you may still drop your classes. The registration verification is our own form that we can send via mail, fax or email. If you would like the registration verification, please provide an address, fax number or email address.

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      • Who can help me access my VA education benefits?

Go to:  Veteran Affairs

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      • I had to drop classes due to circumstances beyond my control. Can I get a refund?

Petition for Exception to Tuition Refund Policy forms are available in the Registrar’s Office. Documentation of the circumstance is required. If student has not withdrawn from the class, a petition must first be submitted to the enrollment or academic/enrollment unit. (Total late withdrawals approved by academic unit – partial late withdrawals approved by enrollment unit of each class.) The Registrar’s office works with the Financial Aid Office to assure compliance with federal guidelines. While there is no time limit for filing petitions, any charge-back of funds may be affected by date restrictions. Susan Pierce is the Program Coordinator for petitions.

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      • I attended UL prior to Fall 1982 and wish to return to complete my degree. Do you still have my records?

Yes, your transcript of UL work is kept indefinitely. However, folders containing documents submitted are purged five years after a student’s last semester.

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      • I am attending UL in next semester. When can I register?


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      • I was suspended and sat out a semester. When can I register?

Suspended students must reapply to the university. http://louisville.edu/admissions

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      • Can I get a paper schedule of Courses?

The university no longer prints a paper schedule of classes. All of the information is available on-line at:  http://htmlaccess.louisville.edu/classSchedule/setupSearchClassSchedule.cfm

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      • I tried to order a transcript on-line and was denied due to a negative service indicator. I need my transcript for employment.

Financial holds must be released by the office initiating the hold.


        • Unpaid tuition – Bursar,
        • Parking Fines – Parking Office
        • Transcript fees – Registrar

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      • I was unable to drop a class. I know it is not past the drop date. What is the problem?


A)    If you are an international student, you must have clearance from the International Center before dropping.
B)    If you are an Athlete, you must have permission of your athletic advisor before dropping classes. (Look at service indicator.)
C)    It may be a special session class and require manual drop by Registrar staff for proper calculation of charges.


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    • My computer doesn’t seem to be loading to the next page when I’m on my Ulink account.  What’s the problem?

A lot of students have had the same problem while using Internet Explorer.  If you use a different web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome), the page will allow you to proceed.

**ULINK is currently having a compatibility issue with Internet Explorer that the Information Technology Office is addressing


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    • I sat out a semester or longer, how can I get back in school?

Any time you take a semester off, you must complete a “Request to Re-Enroll” form before you can register again. The form is linked below, takes only a couple of minutes, and will allow you to register within one business day.


1)      It’s been less than 2 years since you’ve last enrolled at UofL

2)      You maintained good academic standing while you were here

3)      You have not enrolled at another institution since your time at UofL


If you do not meet the criteria for all three requirements above, you must reapply through the Office of Admissions (http://louisville.edu/admissions).