Duties and Responsibilities

The administrative head of the Department of Procurement Services is the Director of Procurement Services, who is responsible for executing and supervising the following:

  1. The adherence to sound purchasing policies which will result in economical procurement for the University under open, fair, and competitive conditions.
  2. The adherence to state statutes and administrative policies pertaining to purchasing.
  3. The establishment of standards and specifications for materials and supplies, where practical.
  4. The purchase of (or the authorization to purchase) all equipment, supplies, and services required by the University.
  5. The execution of rental and lease agreements on equipment (rental and lease agreements on real property are handled by Contract Administration) and service contracts.
  6. Maintaining contact with vendors pertaining to the issuing of purchase orders, pricing, quality, delivery and shipping instructions.
  7. Implementing all matters requiring disposition of, and adjustments on, rejected materials.
  8. The operation of Stockroom/Central Receiving, and Inventory Control/Surplus Property.
  9. Administration of the Procurement Card Program.