Invitation to Bids and Requests for Proposals

Below is a listing of invitations to bids and requests for proposals.  To access a Bid/RFP and any other related documents, click on the name of the Commodity/Service.  If you have questions about a specific Bid/RFP, please contact the appropriate Contact Person.

The Department of Procurement Services posts all solicitations in Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF format.  You may download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website.  If you have trouble accessing a file, please contact us via email.

Due to the size and volume of construction and renovation bids, you will see summary information only. To obtain the bid specification book(s) and drawings, contact Zen Reprographics:  648 South 8th Street, Louisville, KY 40203, (502) 587-1954.

Potential bidders should revisit this website prior to the Bid or RFP closing date to determine if an addendum has been issued and/or bid opening date has changed.

Invitation to Bid (IB) responses cannot be submitted electronically.

After a Bid (IB) has been opened, a Bid Tabulation Sheet will be posted prior to an award.  To view a particular Bid Tabulation Sheet, click on the Commodity/Service.

Kentucky Preference Laws 


Bid/RFP No. Commodity/Service Issue Date Closing Date & Time Contact Person


Perform a Quality Assurance Review (QAR) of the UofL Audit Services Department 9/12/2023

2:00PM EST

Addendum #3

JB Speed Student Success Building 9/15/2023

2:00PM EST

Evan Riddell


Assist UofL Campus Health Service to Review Documents to Achieve AAAHC Accreditation 9/20/2023

2:00PM EST


Life Sciences Building Electrical Pre-Purchase 9/20/2023

2:00PM EST

Evan Riddell


Design-Renovation Kueber Center Locker Rooms 9/25/2023

2:00PM EST

Evan Riddell


Hospitality Tent Rentals 9/29/2023

2:00PM EST


Donald Baxter Bldg. 55E Kohler Generator Radiator Replacement 10/2/2023

2:00PM EST

Evan Riddell


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