Intra University Transfer - Begin

Degree-seeking undergraduate students who are currently enrolled at the University of Louisville that wish to transfer to another school/college at the University of Louisville should complete an IUT Request Form.
If you have already completed an IUT Request Form and been instructed by the advising unit to complete a petition form, you will need to download the form, which is in PDF format, or stop in the advising office to pick-up the form.
Instructions on submitting an IUT (PDF) »
To begin the IUT Request Form process, please provide responses to the questions below:
1. Are you currently enrolled at UofL?*
* NOTE: You do not have to be enrolled for the Summer term to be considered "currently enrolled."
2. Have you attended another college/university since UofL?
3. Has it been less than 2 years since you attended UofL?
Please select 'Yes' for only ONE of the above questions.
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