ProCard Policy Change – Capital Equipment/Asset Tagging

Please note the following change to ProCard policy:

Capital Assets (items valued at $5,000 or greater)

Effective immediately, capital assets (items valued at $5,000 or greater) can no longer be purchased using a ProCard.  In order to properly track the University’s capital assets, all purchases of capital assets, including computers, furniture, and equipment with a unit or system cost of $5,000 or greater will need to be procured using a purchase order.

For questions regarding the use of the ProCard, contact the ProCard Office via email at or call 852-9058.

Also, please be reminded of the following:

Equipment valued at $1,000 or greater

When equipment is created, manufactured, and/or assembled from parts resulting in a value of $1,000 or greater, it must be tagged/tracked for insurance purposes.  This includes items acquired as a gift/donation or transferred from another institution.  The person responsible for acquiring these items should complete the Inventory Control online form to have these items inventoried and tagged.

If you have any questions about what should be tagged or about the online form, please contact Lisa Ennis via email at or call 852-2986.