Amazon Business FAQs

Contact the ProCard Office at or (502) 852-9058 to request access to the University of Louisville's Amazon Business account.

University of Louisville has access to a specialized Amazon Business Customer Service team that can be reached at (888) 281-3847.

Amazon's new business model makes it easier to use a central business account to make tax-exempt purchases. University of Louisville will be utilizing the Amazon business account to centralize all purchases under one umbrella account. This centralized account is the preferred way to make tax-exempt purchases with Amazon for University of Louisville.

Through our centralized Amazon Business account, you will have immediate access to free two-day shipping on Prime eligible items. Individual/Departmental Amazon Prime Memberships are considered a ProCard restriction.

No personal purchases may be made using an official ( email address once it is registered with the University of Louisville Amazon business account. The registration process will instruct you on how to separate your business and personal accounts. PDF link

Yes, you can continue to use your nickname@louisville ( email address with your personal Amazon account. Your official email address should be linked to the University of Louisville's Amazon Business account.

University of Louisville's Amazon Business account is set up with tax exemption in the State of Kentucky. This exemption applies to all purchases from LLC, Amazon Digital Services LLC, Warehouse Deals LLC, Amazon Services LLC or other participating sellers. However, not all the 3rd party sellers that sell on participate in the tax exemption program. If you purchase a product from a non-participating seller, sales tax may be charged on the order. Please see the Amazon Tax Exemption reference page for further guidance.

The easiest solution is for you to contact the seller directly to request the refund. Follow the below steps:

  1. Go to "your orders" on
  2. Find the item that was charged tax and click the "contact the seller" button
  3. Enter subject as "Tax Exemption Refund Request"
  4. Include the order number and amount charged

The seller is required to respond within 72 hours. They may ask for some additional information but if not, they should just issue a refund.

If you have any issues contacting the seller, or other questions, you can call a direct number that goes to our tax team at (888) 281-3847.

If there was a mistake on our end and the order was sold or fulfilled by Amazon with taxes charged, you can call our tax team, (888) 281-3847, and they should be able to issue an immediate refund.

For any questions you have regarding orders, refunds, or shipping, contact Amazon Business Customer Service at (866) 486-2360. Please see the Amazon Tax Exemption information webpage for further guidance.

If you have previously registered for an Amazon Business account for University of Louisville using your official email address we simply need you to deregister that account so that you can then be added to the main account for University of Louisville.

Please take the follow steps:

  1. Log onto your Business Account and download an order history report for the past 6-12 months. (This is recommended as a precaution in case there is any impact on your past order history as a result of the account move.)
  2. If applicable, remove all users from the account.
  3. Please click here to deregister your existing account (it will not remove any information on the account, simply the Amazon Business account tag).

Once you are done, please email the ProCard Office at and we will send you an invitation to our main account. Your Amazon purchasing process will remain the same and you will log in using your same user credentials. If you remove any users on your original account, please let the ProCard Office know in order to invite them to join our main account as well.

If you have forgotten your password please use the "forgot password" link or call customer service to resend (888) 281-3847.