Testing Information

It's important to enroll in classes that are right for your skill level so you don't waste time or money taking classes you don't need. Placement testing (such as Math and Reading) is required for some students and other testing (such as CLEP) is optional.

Math & Reading Placement Testing

UofL staff will individually review your record to determine if you will benefit from Math and/or Reading placement testing. In some cases, test scores are used to meet prerequisites for enrollment in courses, so it's important that we have your most up-to-date scores. If our staff determines you need to complete placement testing, a checklist item will be added in your New Cards Gateway and we will communicate with you via email. Accuplacer placement exams need to be completed prior to orientation.

While UofL staff will carefully review your file and contact you if you need placement testing, here is a general guideline of which students may need placement testing.

Academic Unit Take MATH Accuplacer if... Take READING Accuplacer if...
Dental Hygiene, Music, Social Work
ACT Math <20
SAT  Math (Quantitative Reasoning) <520
No Test Scores on File
ACT Reading <20
SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing <480
No Test Scores on File
Arts & Sciences*, Business, Education and Human Development, Nursing, Public Health
ACT Math <22
SAT  Math (Quantitative Reasoning) <540
No Test Scores on File
ACT Reading <20
SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing <480
No Test Scores on File
Speed School of Engineering
ACT Math <29
SAT  Math (Quantitative Reasoning) <680
No Test Scores on File
ACT Reading <20
SAT Evidence Based Reading & Writing <480
No Test Scores on File

*Students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Neuroscience or Physics may also need to take the Math Accuplacer placement exam depending on their ACT/SAT Math scores and will be notified.

Please log into your New Cards Gateway to view the ACT/SAT scores we have on file under the "Test Scores and GPA" section. It's important that we have your highest test scores on record.

To log in to your Gateway, you'll use the same personal email and password you used when you created your account to apply to UofL.

If you would like to send new/additional scores for us to consider during our assessment, it is best to send them directly from the score reporting sites:

We will also accept test scores on transcripts sent electronically through exchange websites such as Parchment, or by your school counselor to adetran@louisville.edu.

If you have taken AP or Dual Credit classes, you will have the opportunity to report this information later in the Spring/Summer and those scores may be used to assess your placement testing needs as well.

If you haven't taken the ACT or SAT, no worries; we will be in communication to let you know about virtual/in-person placement testing for your course enrollment.

If you would like to send us your scores so we can assess if you can enroll in courses without placement testing, you may do so.

Please note, submitting test scores at this time will not negatively affect your admission status or scholarships. We will only use this information to assess if you would benefit from placement testing.

If we inform you that you need to take both the Math AND Reading Accuplacer placement exams, we recommend you take both tests at the same time to save time and money.

Learn more about Accuplacer Placement Exams

Foreign Language Placement Testing

If you have studied a foreign language and wish to continue these studies, you must take a placement exam to determine your level of competency. Learn More.

Additional Resources


CLEP (College-Level Examination Program) 

Save yourself time and money by taking a CLEP exam. UofL offers CLEP testing in more than 30 general education courses. This 90-minute test costs less than $120 and can save you from taking a semester-long class and paying $1,500 in tuition.*

*$1,500 is the approximate semester cost of one, 3-credit hour general education course for Kentucky residents.

REACH Summer Math Program

Each summer, REACH (Resources for Academic Achievement) provides incoming freshmen the opportunity to improve their math skills and prepare for their fall math courses by participating in a Summer Math Program. Eligibility to participate in these programs is based on ACT, SAT or Readiness Exam test scores. Summer Math Programs are offered in July.

Math Xcelerator (July 8 – July 25):  https://reach.louisville.edu/programs/math/xcelerator/

Calculator Preview Program (July 1 – July 26): https://reach.louisville.edu/programs/math/calcpreview/

BFEA (July 7 – July 18):  https://engineering.louisville.edu/admissions/undergraduateadmissions/brown-forman-engineering-academy/