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Please refer to each the specific area (strings, piano, etc.) for admission guidelines for specific programs.


Suzuki Studies Registration Form - Lessons & Group Class

Registration form

  Enrollment Schedule

  • Registration is open at any time of year.
  • Lessons are scheduled at a time that is agreed upon by the student and instructor at the University of Louisville main campus.
  • Weekly lessons are typically scheduled, but alternate schedules are possible with instructor approval.
  • 16 instructional weeks are held during the Fall session (late August to mid December).
  • 16 instructional weeks are held during each the Spring session (early January to mid May).
  • 12 instructional weeks are held during the Summer session (late May to early August).
  • SSP follows the Jefferson County Public Schools calendar during the academic year

Students may register at anytime online or in person at the UofL School of Music. Students must complete and return the registration and liability waiver forms along with payment.

University of Louisville Youth Protection Program Release

Complete 1 form for each student, please include any siblings who may be on campus in the space provided. You do not need to write anything in lines 1 or 2

Form - return to: Mina Kitano at spc

New Student Registration

Admission to the Suzuki Studies Program (SSP) is open to all students. Each area has unique guidelines to beginning lessons which may include observation, initial meeting, trial lessons. Contact Mina Kitano at , or your instructor with specific questions.

Tuition payment must be completed, or a payment plan scheduled, to begin lessons.


  • Payment

Full payment or a payment plan must be established at the beginning of each session. Instruction does not begin until initial payment is received. Payment may be made by check, money order, Visa, or MasterCard to the University of Louisville School of Music Suzuki studies Program, Louisville, KY 40292. There will be a $20.00 late fee for payments received after the due date, and a $30.00 fee on all returned checks.

  •  Refunds

Tuition is only refunded because of illness or injury documented by a written statement from a physician. All refund requests must be made in writing and must be approved by the director. There is no refund of missed group classes.

  •  Changing Instructors

Students who wish to change instructors may do so after gaining the approval of the SSP Director and the private instructor.

  •  Missed Lessons/Classes

Notification by the student of inability to attend a private lesson does not excuse payment for the lesson, which must be paid for whether taken or missed. At the teacher's discretion, unavoidable absences will be made up when possible. There is no refund for missed group classes. If a teacher must cancel a class, that class will be made up. There is a week at the end of each session devoted to make-up lessons.

  •  School Closing Due To Weather

All classes and private lessons in the Suzuki Studies Program shall be canceled for a day or the remainder of a day at the moment of public notification when either the Jefferson County Schools or the University of Louisville closes due to prevailing hazardous weather conditions. If there are exceptions, students will be contacted by their private teachers. Since neither the student nor the teacher is accountable for such conditions, teachers shall be responsible for rescheduling no more than two (2) private and one (1) class lesson missed as a result of weather related circumstances.

  •  Safety Policy

For the safety of all of our students, we ask that you escort your child directly to/from their class lesson, in addition to your attendance in the lesson. Please do not allow children to wander unsupervised through the building. It is not the responsibility of the faculty or the staff to supervise children outside of their class/lesson time.

 Mailing Address

University of Louisville
School of Music
Suzuki Studies Program
Louisville, KY 40292
(502) 852-1859