Jazz Studies Graduate Audition Requirements

Masters Audition Requirements/Major Instrument Requirements: 

Be prepared to play up to four jazz compositions of contrasting style. The melody and chord progressions of all song selections must be memorized. 

  • Select one tune from three of the four categories. These are suggestions and you may select comparable pieces.
Ballad: BeBop: Standard:                          Contemporary:

Body and Soul
In A Sentimental Mood
Lover Man
‘Round Midnight
You Don’t Know What 
Love Is


A Night In Tunisia
Donna Lee 
Half Nelson 
Joy Spring 
Eternal Triangle 

All The Things You Are
Stella By Starlight
There Is No Greater Love
There Will Never 
Be Another You
What Is This Thing  
Called Love /Hot House
Alone Together 

Dolphin Dance 
Giant Steps 
Moment’s Notice 
Recorda Me’ 
Speak No Evil 
Witch Hunt 
500 Miles High


  • Blues of your choice. 


 Be able to play the following at various tempos:

  • swing
  • bossa nova
  • a Latin beat
  • 12/8 Latin

Be able to play brushes:

  • ballad temp
  • any of the previous requirements

Be able to name and describe forms of tunes such as:

  • blues 
  • rhythm changes 
  • standards

Note:  Courses, in addition to degree requirements, may be added to address any deficiencies.  These courses include traditional theory and history, jazz theory and history.  Additional courses including Improvisation 340 and Jazz Piano Class may be required.