Bachelor of Music Performance and Bachelor of Arts with Concentrations in Jazz Requirements

Audition Requirements for Admission

Major Instrument Requirement:

All scale and chord possibilities can be found in any Aebersold volume, Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshop handout or contact for material.

A jazz experience at UofL is geared toward achieving a greater proficiency in ensemble playing. Your primary performing opportunities will be in jazz ensemble and combo. Solo performance is a desirable goal and may also be studied.


ALL INSTRUMENTS except DRUMS where noted


I           Scales – All 12 keys either one octave or full range 

  • Major 
  • Dominant
  • Minor (Dorian preferred) 
  • Blues scales (Not for bass)


II          Chords/Arpeggios

  • Major 7th
  • Minor 7th


III         Play the following - All suggested selections can be found on:

Aebersold Volume 54 – “Maiden Voyage”

  • Blues in either Bb or F
  • A tune of your choice – melody and improvisation

Good choices include:

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Summertime
  • Maiden Voyage
  • Satin Doll
  • Or comparable tunes

• Optional – A jazz transcription if possible by a master performer on your instrument


I           Demonstrate One Hand voicings in the following format:

  • Left Hand plays roots/Right Hand plays guide tone voicings (thirds and sevenths) through a chord progression of your choice with good voice leading
  • Optional – either hand plays three or four note rootless voicings with good voicing leading through a different chord progression


I           Chord Voicings

  •  Two voicings for all root position seventh chords

(one voicing from sixth string and another off or fifth string).  These chords include Major 7, Dominant 9/Dominant 13, Minor 7, Minor 7b5, Diminished 7, and Altered Dominant with #9, b9 and #5


I           Create a bass line at sight from a set of chord changes to an unfamiliar standard at medium tempo.

  •  2 beat
  • Walking
  • Latin


I           Demonstrate the following styles in either 32 or 12 bar form

  • Swing
  • Bossa Nova
  • Rock (any style)
  • Afro-Cuban

II          Be able to play time in either 32 or 12 bar form

  • 4/4
  • 3/4
  • 6/8

III         Demonstrate the ability to play with brushes

IV         Trade

  • 8's over a 32 bar tune
  • 4's over a 12 bar blues