Inertia (mixed media on canvas, 12x9)

The Thinnest Portal (mixed media on canvas, 24x18)

Womb of Manifestation (mixed media on canvas, 20x18)

Womb of Nothingness (mixed media on canvas, 24x18)

Through the use of applied mysticism, Jungian psychology, and esoteric philosophies, I pull my inner visions and subconscious suggestions into form. Through the use of shamanism or intuitive ritual I infuses each object with specific frequencies that support experiencing “the object” as animistic entity.

NOUEL RIEL was born in Medford, OR in 1987, spending equal time growing up in Oregon, Washington and Nevada. She first studied art through the lens of apparel design at The University of Minnesota on a full scholarship for gymnastics, eventually moving her studies to the Art Institute of Portland. In 2014 she received her BFA with a focus in painting from Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She has exhibited work in group and solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York and New Mexico. Riel currently resides in Portland, OR. See more of her work online: