Highlights include fiction by Sarah Blackman, Matthew C. Crady, and Tim Croft; poetry by Mandy Malloy, Nathan Parker, Michele Poulos, and Patrick Scott Vickers; and microfiction by Patrick Scott Vickers.


Highlights include fiction by Christopher Wait; poetry by Melissa Broder, Kai Carlson-Wee, Peter Jay Shippy, and Patrick Scott Vickers; and microfiction by Matthew Dexter and Christopher Woods.


Highlights include fiction by Patrick Scott Vickers; poetry by Joe Hall, Josh Kalscheur, Erin Lewenauer, and Caren Scott; and microfiction by Molly Prentiss and Melinda M. White.


Highlights include fiction by Andrew Blossom; poetry by John Beardsley, Anna Claire Hodge, Anthony Jones, Carrie Lorig, and D. W. Martin; and microfiction by Holly Jenson and Marie Potoczny


Highlights include fiction by Elizabeth Quinn; poetry by Lori Brack, Lea Marshall, Darren Morris, Nicholas Reading, and Michael Salcman; and microfiction by Edd Howarth and Libbie Walkup.


Highlights include fiction by Amira Pierce; poetry by Holly Day, Mark DeCarteret, Angie Mazakis, Keith Montesano, and Trent Nutting; microfiction by Adam Krause and Henry Walters; and visual art by Eleanor Bennett


Highlights include fiction by Katie Cortese, Ashley Farmer, Carmen Lau, and Jared Yates Sexton; poetry by Adam Day and Christopher Kennedy; and creative nonfiction by Brian Oliu.


Highlights include fiction by Chris Offutt, Micah Dean Hicks and Lindsay Stern; poetry by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Ashley Farmer, Kristen Miller, and Paul Griner; creative nonfiction by Joe Manning, Louis Bourgeois, and Robin Lee Mozer.


Highlights include experimental/hybrid work by Lydia Davis, Grant Faulkner, and Nils Michaels; poetry by Dan Beachy-Quick, Chelsea Minnis, and Kiki Petrosino; fiction by Ian Stansel, Patrick Wensink, and Roderic Crooks; creative nonfiction by Tom McCallister and Patrick Madden.


Highlights include experimental/hybrid work by Sarah Gorham, Mathias Svalina, and Frances Cannon; poetry by Lisa Ampleman, John Gallaher, Eric Pankey, and Rebecca Morgan Frank; fiction by Rebbecca Brown, Susann Cokal, and Kayla Rae Whitaker; creative nonfiction by Zack Bean, Hannah Drake, and Erin Wood.


Highlights include poetry by TC Tolbert, Carl Adamshick, Sy Hoawah, and Hayan Charara; experimental work by Andrew Rihn, Kathy Lou Schultz, and Daniel Paul; fiction by Tabatha Hibbs, Edward Porter, Sean McGinty, and Brooks Rexroat; creative nonfiction from Jesse Donaldson, Jennifer Glaser, and Mireya Vela.   

Highlights include poetry by Colin Dardis, Lauren Haldeman, and Theodore Worozbyt; experimental work by Jennifer Lee and Matthew Vollmer; fiction by David Obuchowski, and Varley O'Conner; creative nonfiction from Deborah Lutz and Anne Valente. 

Highlights include poetry by Brandon Amico, Ellen Hagan, and Lyd Havens; experimental work by Kevin Moffett and Matthew Brandon Rushton; fiction by Daniel J. Cecil and Nazli Karabiyikoglu; creative nonfiction from Julia Koets and Kent Shaw.


Highlights include poetry by Jennifer Habel, Forrest Rapier, and Mary Ann Samyn; experimental work by Brett Beibel and Cathy Ulrich; fiction by Joe Sacksteder and Jose Sotolongo; creative nonfiction from Joan Connor and Patti White.

Highlights include poetry by Allison Adair, Sarah Blackman, and Rebecca Lehmann; experimental work by Douglas Kearney, Kristen Renee Miller, and Despy Boutris; fiction by Shena McAuliffe and Kira Clark; nonfiction from Siân Giffiths and Audrey T. Carroll.