Projected Body Memories (ink on paper, 5.25x7.5)

I draw without a plan. Every image becomes a mirror for my psyche, holding all the signs and symbols to activate my subconscious. I find memories in the corner: a bandaged head and scar above my eye. My left ear floats into the ether, collecting information from the map-markings I've yet to discover. My left arm is an empty sleeve yet to be filled, and my right arm burns as it enters the astral planestamped with a symbol it can't comprehend. A woman gazes off into the distanceconcerned, silent. Is she my mom? Is she all of our moms, the ones who just don't know what to do? There's a stack of tissues and a cup of waterthe entire ocean and some train tracks to the spirits in the sky. 

HANNAH JEREMIAH is an artist living in Little Rock, AR. Her work takes many forms, including illustration, photography, video and text. Born in Van Buren, AR and raised in West Hartford, CT, she holds a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art.