Miracle Monocle is now closed for regular submissions. The journal is university-affiliated, so our publication cycles are determined by the academic calendar. We begin reading for our Fall issue in August and publish in December; we begin reading for our Spring issue in January and publish in May. We will never hold onto submissions for more than one semester.

Miracle Monocle is now welcoming submissions to its Ambitious Student Writing Competition. The intent of this award series is to celebrate the talents of writers beginning their careers with panache and verve. All individuals currently enrolled as students (high school, undergraduate, or graduate) are eligible to enter; all genres of literary writing are welcome. The prize includes publication in an upcoming issue of Miracle Monocle and an award of $200. All entries to the competition will be considered for publication in the journal. We will be accepting submissions via Duosuma until we reach our quota. 

General Guidelines:

There is no fee for submission. We ask that writers refrain from submitting more than once in one submission cycle.We also ask that writers submit only original, unpublished work. We do not currently pay contributors, but we do offer exceptional support to our writers in the form of social media coverage, reviews of new books, award nominations, and prize monies.

Miracle Monocle welcomes submissions to its Award for Innovative Writing in the Fall. The intent of this award series is to celebrate literary experiment. The prize includes publication in an upcoming issue of Miracle Monocle and an award of $200. All entries to the competition will be considered for publication in the journal. A small entry fee ($10) will help us to pay for the adjudication of the competition.

Miracle Monocle publishes the results of the annual Calvino Prize, an award recognizing outstanding fiction in the fabulist mode, in its Spring issues. This award is facilitated by the University of Louisville and comes with a $2,000 prize. To enter to win this competition, please follow the submission guidelines published here.

Miracle Monocle accepts simultaneous submissions, but we request that submissions accepted elsewhere are withdrawn as soon as possible. We will make every effort to respond quickly and respectfully to your work. If you suspect we have overlooked or misplaced your submission, please contact us here: Please review our archives before submitting; past issues should help you to determine if the journal is a good match for your work.

Miracle Monocle is thrilled to announce the publication of the debut volume in its micro-anthology series: Queer, Rural, American. Our mission is to offer a platform to underserved communities and to illuminate under-explored territories for our readers. Queer, Rural, American is available for purchase in the Miracle Monocle offices, on the Blurb platform, and via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Our second installment in the series—MONSTER—is slated for publication in 2021. We will open submissions for our third book in the series soon.



Genre Category Guidelines: 

We humbly request that you send us work that enlivens us. Remind us why we love to read; remind us why the rules that govern the page sometimes invite revision. Send us work that brings us the news of the world, work that challenges us to reassess our expectations; send us forms old and new, fresh collaborations, re-invigorations of the word. Our issues tend to be big and eclectic. We draw at least half (and usually more than half) of our selections from our pool of unsolicited submissions. We publish only previously unpublished work.
· For fiction, please submit one piece of 1,000-10,000 words. We accommodate traditional realism and experiment alike. On occasion, we will publish an excerpt of a longer work, but those occasions are exceedingly rare.
· For poetry, please submit no more than three pieces. We like unique voices that encourage us to reevaluate ourselves and the world around us—poetry that makes the familiar seem unfamiliar. We appreciate work that takes risks and offers unexpected surprises; we also appreciate formal rigor.
· For creative nonfiction, please submit one piece of 500-10,000 words. We're looking for essays with aspects of personal narrative, reporting, and the lyric; we're also interested in flash. Please do not send excerpts of longer works unless the piece can stand alone. 
· For the experimental and not-easily-defined, please submit no more than 3 pieces. We’re interested in flash, microfictions, nano fictions, and the like. We’re also fans of hybrid and collaborative work. In other words, we like to play host to writers who straddle the lines between genres. Length is negotiable, though flash tends to turn into something else when it exceeds 1500 words. Send your genre Frankensteins our way; they’ll find a safe home here.
· For two-dimensional art or photography, please submit no more than 3 pieces. We are especially fond of work that incorporates text, but this is more of a preference than a demand. We are open to a wide range of approaches, but tend to favor uniqueness and oddity over a strict fidelity to realistic representation. Images should be at least 300 dpi, submitted in JPG or TIFF format. RGB or CMYK please.

For questions regarding guidelines that have not been answered here, send a query to . 

The Miracle Monocle staff office is located on the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus. We are happy to peruse review copies mailed to this address:

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