Frankfurt, Germany

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law has a student exchange agreement with the Faculty of Law at Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany.

Exchanges are available during the Winter semester (roughly Oct. - Feb.), Summer semester (roughly April - July), or for the four-week Frankfurt Summer School (Legal Studies). Students may enroll for any law course at Goethe University, although only selected courses are offered in English. Students must request pre-approval for courses completed at Goethe University to be applied for credit toward a JD at the Brandeis School of Law.

Tuition and Expenses

Brandeis School of Law students pay tuition at the University of Louisville and do not pay any additional tuition at Goethe University, although there may be some additional fees.

Living Expenses

Students are responsible for their own travel expenses, including health insurance, and their living expenses in Frankfurt. There are good bus and train links throughout Germany, and good intra-city transport within Frankfurt, so students do not need a vehicle.

Eligibility and Application

No more than three UofL law students may participate in an exchange at Goethe University in each academic year.

For more details about this program and to apply, contact  before April 30 for the Summer School, before May 15 for the winter semester, and before November 15 for the summer semester. For general information about attending Goethe University, see the Guide for Visiting Students.

Goethe University Contact

For all questions concerning application and enrollment, please email For questions about law courses and registration options, please email