Miguel Lagunas


miguelpic.JPGMiguel Lagunas was born in Mexico City on May 29, 1938 and received his primary and secondary school in Colegio Mexico, Mexico DF. He arrived in Louisville December 6, 1956 and started the University of Louisville in the fall of 1957 in Speed School. Before finishing his engineering school he entered the USA Army being stationed one year in the USA, one year in Turkey and one year in France. He graduated from U of L as an Electrical Engineer in spring of 1969.

From the fall of 1969 until he retired in 1996 he worked at Louisville Gas and electric company (Now EonUSA) designing electrical plants and being part of the maintenance Department of the Power Plants. During that time he was an electrical instructor in a local technical school teaching basic electricity and residential, commercial and industrial wiring under the National electrical Code to electricians that did not belong to the Local Electrical Union.

He founded or cofounded many nonprofit Hispanic organizations in Louisville and now he is, or has been, a member of the Board of directors of the following organizations:

  • El Club Latinoamericano de Louisville
  • La Hispano/Latino Coalition
  • Ballet Español
  • Hispanic Business Association
  • Sister Cities of Louisville (Quito Committee and La Plata Committee)
  • Liga Deportiva Latinoamericana (Soccer League, Spokesman)
  • Adelante Hispanic Achievers
  • Police Academy for Hispanic Citizens
  • St. Rita Catholic Church Guadalupe Committee
  • Arcoiris Latino (Mexican Folkloric Dances)

Other positions that he holds are:

  • Commissioner for the City of Lincolnshire in charge of Safety (Lincolnshire Police Department) this is an elected position.
  • Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) Accountability Commission. This Commission reviews LMPD’s investigation of crimes committed by the LMPD or its members (this position is obtained by an appointment by the Louisville Major)
  • Louisville Metro Police Department Advisory Commission (this position is also obtained by an appointment)
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Louisville Metro United Way
  • Participated in the USA Department of Labor convection to determine how to call the Spanish Speaking people in the USA to include in all government work applications
  • Organizer of the drive to broadcast a television station (Univision) in Spanish 24 hour a day in Louisville
  • Organizer of the Heritage Weekends in Louisville in the 1970’s

He has written numerous articles for the Louisville Spanish newspapers. He is the author of the article “History of Latin-Americans in Louisville” which was published by the University of Louisville in a book called “The Encyclopedia of Louisville”. He has successfully owned and operated rental property for over thirty years. He is step father of three sons, grandfather of 9 grandsons and great-grandfather of 3 great-grandsons. Now he is married to Martina Lagunas and they live with their 12 year old daughter, Jazmin, at 4201 Browns Lane in Lincolnshire, Kentucky.

Phone Number: 502-451-4034
E-Mail: miglagunas@aol.com