Basic Spanish Program

In your UofL Spanish 121, 122 or 123 class, communication is the focus.  We offer our students as many opportunities as possible to practice real communication in the classroom.  Our classes use active learning strategies. That means that you won't be a passive learner.  This is to help prepare you for using Spanish beyond the classroom and well after completing your course.  Successful use of Spanish will depend on the extent to which you can adapt to unique situations, make informed language and culturally appropriate decisions and choices, interact with diverse others in various ways and know how to communicate meaning in very basic encounters and exchanges.  The kinds of learning that you have to achieve require active, repeated, and expanding attempts to use information, knowledge, and skills in situations and settings that simulate as much as possible the contexts in which a learner will possibly use the Spanish language.  That is exactly what we provide our learners in the Spanish 121, 122 and 123 courses. Plus, we host many out of class opportunities as possible to practice and actively engage with the Spanish language.