Spanish Heritage Learners

Are you a Heritage Learner?

You are a Heritage Learner of Spanish if you any of the following statements is true for you

  • When I was a child Spanish was spoken in my home.
  • I lived in a Spanish-speaking country for two years or longer.
  • My first language was Spanish or Spanish and English.
  • I speak Spanish or both English and Spanish with family and friends.
  • My parents and/or grandparents often speak to me in Spanish. 

If you are are a Heritage Learners of Spanish and wish to be placed into a Heritage Spanish course, you should take contact   for evaluation.

If you are interested in satisfying the language requirement without taking a Spanish class at this time, you can consider the CLEP or ACTFL exams.  Passing scores on these exams can earn you up to 12 hours of credit without taking any coursework. For more information go to  or for more information on the ACTFL exam, click  here.