Business Development

We provide a wide range of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to provide business services that help you achieve your business goals.

Business Growth:

We assist you in creating and implementing strategies that will sustain profitable growth and improve the overall performance of your business.


ExporTech™ program provides your company the support and resources needed to jump-start your international sales process, guide you in creating an export growth plan, and assist in your go-to-market implementation.

Manufacturers Growth Series Business Cohort:

During this progressive series of workshops and one on one coaching, your KY-MEP specialist will guide you through the process from evaluating your ideas to seeing them in action.  Assessing your vision and mission early in the program is the beginning of launching a real-life strategy that will be in place upon conclusion.

Cyber Security:

KY-MEP's Cybersecurity Platform is designed to provide your company with the tools necessary to combat unwelcomed activities and safeguard your business assets.


Our market research services equip you to gain a better understanding of your market and target audience so you make better, more informed decisions to stay on top of the competition.