Darryl L. Kaelin, M.D.

Photo of Darryl Kaelin, M.D.
  1. Medical Director, Frazier Rehabilitation and Neuroscience Institute
  2. Chief, Associate Professor and Residency Director, Division of Frazier Rehabilitation and Neuroscience Institute


Phone: 502-852-8060
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Research Focus:

Dr. Kaelin specializes in neurorehabilitation with a focus on traumatic brain injury and stroke. He is a nationally-renowned speaker on the subjects of concussion, spasticity management, deep vein thrombosis and neuropharmacology. Dr. Kaelin has published widely in peer-reviewed journals on brain injury medical education, pharmaceutical treatments, spasticity and service reimbursements. He has also led numerous, non-published medication trials sponsored through pharmaceutical funding.

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Key Publications:

Ronald T Seel, PhD, Stephen Macciocchi, PhD, ABPP, Jeffrey S Kreutzer, PhD, ABPP, Darryl Kaelin, MD and Douglas I Katz, MD Diagnosing Major Depression Following Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury-Evidence-based Recommendations for Clinicians US Neurology, 2010;6(2):41-7

Seel RT, Sherer M, Whyte J, Katz DI, Giacino JT, Rosenbaum A, Hammond FM, Kalmar K, Pape TL, Zafonte R, Biester RC, Kaelin D, Kean J, Zasler N. Assessment Scales for Disorders of Consciousness: Evidence-Based Recommendations for Clinical Practice and Research. Arch Phys Med Rehabil 2010;91:1795-1813.

Kaelin D, Pitman R, Zafonte R. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Versus Traumatic Brain Injury: Point / Counterpoint, Article in Press, PM&R 2010.

Kaelin D, Seel R, Macchiocchi S. Diagnosis and Treatment of Depression After Traumatic Brain Injury. Article in Press, US Neurology 2010.

Elovic EP, Esquenazi A, Alter KE, Lin JL, Alfaro A, Kaelin DL, Chemodenervation and Nerve Blocks in the Diagnosis and Management of Spasticity and Muscle Overactivity. Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation 2009 Sep; 1(9): 842-51.