HUM 355: Masterpieces of Ancient Rome

Karen Gray, Ph.D.

Spring 2008 i2a Faculty Learning Community on Critical Thinking (FLC-CT) - Pilot Program

Dr. Gray completed this project as part of the Spring 2008 FLC-CT. As a result, she incorporated aspects of the Paul-Elder critical thinking framework into her syllabus and revised an essay assignment. In her own words:

I made a conscious effort to make the vocabulary of the Paul-Elder critical thinking model a working part of my vocabulary in discussing assignments with the class and in my responses to student's comments in class discussions. This was probably the most helpful aspect of the project for me. Students began to expect such questions and were better prepared in class to respond.

Examples of revisions to HUM 355

  • Syllabus: Dr. Gray removed the old criteria for evaluating papers and added the Surry Worksheet and Rubric as guidelines for both writing and evaluating written work. Her class spent two class periods discussing the critical thinking rubric and using it as a foundation for good writing. She emphasized the Elements of Thought from the beginning: purpose, key question, problem or issue, point of view, and information.
  • Essay Assignment (Original and Revised) [PDF]
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