Dissemination of i2a Accomplishments

UofL faculty and staff are individually and collectively producing a robust slate of research, scholarship, and professional projects related to i2a. This includes numerous presentations at national and regional meetings in order to showcase and disseminate the work of this project.  Often these collaborations have facilitated the growth of i2a through the sharing and development of resources and presentations for faculty and staff on topics related to organizational change, critical thinking, community engagement, culminating experiences, and reflective practice.

Projects highlighted on this site may have been supported by an i2a SUN Grant. For a description of the i2a SUN Grants program and grant recipients, visit the SUN Grants page.

The table of contents organizes this archive of i2a scholarship work through 4 organizational areas: Infusing Critical Thinking, Assessing Critical Thinking, Culminating Undergraduate Experiences, and Community Engagement.

  1. Critical Thinking Infusion
  2. Critical Thinking Assessment
  3. Culminating Undergraduate Experience
  4. Community Engagement

Our goal is for this site to be a comprehensive repository for faculty and staff accomplishments related to i2a. To assist the i2a staff in keeping this site current and updated, please send information about your i2a project that you would like included on this site to Kimberly Smith. Please include your name, department, contact information, a brief description of your project and any relevant website links.

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