HSS 492: Exercise Science Internship

Ann Swank, Ph.D.

Fall 2008 i2a Faculty Learning Community on Critical Thinking (FLC-CT)

As a result of participating in the Fall 2008 i2a FLC, Professor Swank implemented changes into the structure of her course. In her own words:

For the HSS 492 class I added a three part critical thinking assignment that includes a Classroom Assessment Technique (CAT): Directed paraphrasing; a student evaluation of a newsletter article using a rubric modified to fit the Paul-Elder framework; and the student development of their own newsletter article based on the provided Paul-Elder rubric. This series of assignments will emphasize the need for the student in exercise science to be able to translate complex science principles into lay language for their client/patient. This skill is crucial to all health-related professionals when dealing with the public.

—Ann Swank

Additionally, Professor Swank adapted her course objectives and used the SEE-I method as a way for students to conduct a review of key course concepts before an exam.

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