View a bibliography of critical thinking scholarship [PDF].

The Critical Thinking Community
The Critical Thinking Community website, sponsored by the Foundation for Critical Thinking and the Center for Critical Thinking, provides a comprehensive offering of resources including full-text articles and teaching materials for purchase (books, mini-guides, videos, posters). This is the home site for the Richard Paul and Linda Elder framework of Critical Thinking which has been adopted to guide UofL’s QEP on Using Critical Thinking to Foster Student Learning and Community Engagement.

A Learning College Built on Critical Thinking
The Surry Community College website is focused on helping administration, faculty, staff, and students improve and expand their understanding and application of critical thinking. The criteria they used to select the Paul-Elder framework of critical thinking as a common, college-wide model of critical thinking is provided. The site also provides sample course assignments and a grading rubric based on the Paul-Elder framework.

The Critical Thinking Project at Washington State
The Washington State University Critical Thinking Project provides a process that can be used to improve and measure students’ higher order thinking skills during the course of their college careers. The project also includes an emphasis on reforming faculty practice. A Department of Education grant is being used to provide a replicable model for assessing the outcomes of broad General Education goals at a large, Research-I, public university. The site includes a critical thinking resource guide and PowerPoint presentations related to the project.

Reasoning Across the Curriculum Program at Prince George's Community College
This site is a description of the reasoning across the curriculum program begun at Prince George Community College in fall 2004. Included are workshop and conference materials.

Critical Thinking on the Web
A directory of online resources on critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Source, from the University of Minnesota Center for Teaching and Learning Services
This site provides an overview of teaching strategies for helping students become better critical thinkers and has 3 components: 1) An essential points page with an overview of main research on critical thinking, 2) an annotated bibliography, 3) a resource page with links to critical thinking sites at other universities.

Teaching Critical Thinking: Online Resources, from the Michigan State University Office of Faculty and Organizational Development
This site provides a variety of resources on teaching and developing students’ critical thinking abilities.

This is the critical thinking definition adopted to guide the University of Louisville’s QEP on using Critical Thinking to Foster Student Learning and Community Engagement.

The Perry Network and Center for the Study of Intellectual Development
This website focuses on research, support, and assessment of William Perry's Model of intellectual and ethical development.

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