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The White Squirrel is a student-run literary and arts organization sponsored by the University of Louisville Honors Program. We host various creative events every semester like open-mics and workshops. Our biggest project is our literary and arts magazine which we publish every spring that showcases the poetry, prose, art, and overall talent and creativity of Louisville area academics. Our mission is to foster wisdom and love for art, writing, and publishing.

The White Squirrel is an inclusive and educational organization for students of all backgrounds and experiences. With our magazine, we strive to help emerging creatives wet their feet in the public realm of creative writing and art.

If you are interested in creative writing, art, publishing, magazine design, and/or social media outreach, please reach out to us. We’d also like to note that you do not have to be an Honors student to join our organization, and members can still submit to the magazine!

If you have any questions, you can email us at


Volume XVIII

Volume XVIII of The White Squirrel Literary and Arts Magazine releases in April of 2022. This volume features three short stories, eighteen art pieces, and eighteen poems from local student creatives from the University of Louisville, Spalding University, Bellarmine University, and Atherton High School.

Thank you to all who submitted, and congratulations to our contributors: Cassidy Witt, Calista R. White, Maria Tori, Ainsley Taylor, Kendall Sylvia, Emily Stucky, Callie Rowland, Keelie M. McClellan, Rowan Little, Meghan Kontic, Annabelle King, Afnan Ismail, Caden Holbrook, Logan Funderburg, Riley Freudenberger, Sophia Fowler, Eleanor Ferguson, Eden Elwell, Willy Doty, Anna Disselkamp, Anna Bussabarger Graf, Lauren Burks, Gabrielle Brock, Sophie Broadwater, Lexie Baesler, and Ariana Alvarado. A special shoutout to Eden Elwell for her mixed media 3D piece Orchid Dancer, which we used as our cover image.

This year we introduced the Golden Acorn Editors’ choice award, a special recognition for the editors’ favorite submission in each category. A special congratulations to the Golden Acorn in Prose, “As the Mirror Writes,” an evocative, cultural short story by Annabelle King; the Golden Acorn in Poetry, “If it’s really that bad go to the ER,” a vulnerable poem by Rowan Little; and the Golden Acorn in Art, Self Portrait of a Soul, an enthralling metal and clay 3D piece by Calista R White.


Past Volumes

Our past magazines can be read at the Etscorn Honors Center in Strickler 126 or downloaded from our Gumroad at:

Our latest issue features twenty-six creative pieces from University of Louisville writers, poets, artists, and photographers, including the 2020 Creative Writing Contest Winner!


Support Us

As a student organization, our funds are limited. The White Squirrel wouldn’t be able to print our volumes and host events without our amazing sponsors. Please consider donating or purchasing ad space in our magazine to help us continue our mission.

You can also support The White Squirrel by following us on social media and spreading the word about our magazines and events!




TWS Staff Officers


Lawrence is The White Squirrel’s boss and mascot. He is a literature and art connoisseur. His favorite literary piece is Nutcracker, his favorite art piece is A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, and his least favorite movie is Ice Age.

Erin Wedemeyer

The current President and Editor-in-Chief is Erin Wedemeyer. She is an English major with a creative writing and Spanish minor. She is a huge creative writing enthusiast, especially for the fantasy genre. Her favorite novel is There and Back Again by J. R. R. Tolkien. You can contact her at for questions about The White Squirrel.

Eleanor Ferguson, Vice President of The White Squirrel

Eleanor Ferguson

Eleanor Ferguson is the Vice President. She is a creative writing major and social change minor. She loves urban fantasy and writing middle grade horror (because she loves scaring children).

Ali Pham, Secretary of The White Squirrel

Ali Pham

Our secretary is Ali Pham. She is a biology major, and she is completely enamored by the Series of Unfortunate Events books. She is “just happy to be here.”

MaCalyn Hadley, Treasurer of The White Squirrel

MaCalyn Hadley

TWS treasurer is MaCalyn Hadley. He is a freshman and currently double majoring in Anthropology and Linguistics. He is a huge fan of creative writing and 3D art, specifically fiction and architecture and sculpture respectively.

Emily Baird, Head of Design for The White Squirrel

Emily Baird

The Head of Design is Emily Baird. She is a freshman majoring in graphic design with a double minor in film and theatre arts. She enjoys all kinds of art and frequents the Speed Art Museum.

Abby Adams-Smith, Secretary of The White Squirrel

Abby Adams-Smith

Abby Adams-Smith is the White Squirrel's event coordinator. Her major is history, though she plans on minoring in creative writing, gender studies, and peace studies. She's published multiple works of poetry and creative nonfiction and is working on longer writing in her spare time. Her favorite books are Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City and China Miéville's Un Lun Dun.

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