Required GTA Training

Complete Your FERPA Training

(THIS MAY NOT BE ADDED TO YOUR BLACKBOARD SHELL UNTIL A FEW WEEKS INTO AUGUST. If by the end of August it's still not there, please reach out to to let us know). 

1. Go to,

2. Go to (usually) the right side of your dashboard to access "My Organizations Plus",

3. Go to "Organizations in which you are participating",

4. Click on "PS Ferpa organization",

5. Complete the FERPA review and statement of responsibility, which will prompt the availability of the "FERPA Quiz",

6. Complete the "FERPA Quiz".

Your information will be sent to your department and they will confirm that you have passed your quiz in order to teach at UofL. 


Complete the Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment Training Module and the Title IX Mandatory Training Module

1. Follow steps 1 & 2 at the Human Resources site  


Complete the Online Training Certificate of Completion Form

1. Step 3 at the Human Resources site