Welcome message from the Acting Dean

     Welcome to the University of Louisville’s Graduate School. As a graduate student at the University of Louisville, you will face many exciting and rewarding challenges. You are about to discover that graduate study is quite different from your undergraduate experience. Instead of taking coursework from a broad range of disciplines, you will have a much narrower—and much deeper—focus. Classes tend to be relatively smaller in graduate school, and opportunities to work with faculty members one-on-one are considerably greater than generally found in undergraduate programs. Graduate programs also usually require much greater individual initiative than undergraduate courses of study, and you will be responsible for your own progress toward the degree. Be sure to consult the Graduate Catalog (online at the Graduate School website) as you make decisions about your academic career in order to comply with the policies and regulations governing graduate education at the University. There are some policies that are unique to graduate education, so don’t rely on your experiences as an undergraduate to guide your decisions, and when in doubt, consult the director of your program.

    Your intellectual life will revolve around the curriculum and the faculty of the program that you have selected. You will have a faculty mentor who serves as an advisor and who will help guide you through your program of study. The relationship that you develop with your mentor will be of the utmost importance to your successful pursuit of a graduate degree. Good mentoring is critical to your success in graduate school, and the Graduate School is making every effort to ensure that the highest quality level of guidance is provided to you. The University of Louisville has a strong faculty dedicated to graduate education and research. As you learn from them, you will find yourself breaking new intellectual ground and contributing to the academic conversations in your field. You will join a community of scholars composed of distinguished faculty and talented students. Each member of this learning community shares common interests in scholarship and yet individually pursues new knowledge about a particular area of science, social science, humanities, engineering, medicine or business.

    Although there is a great deal to learn within the discipline that you have chosen to study, take the time to interact with faculty and students from this larger community of scholars.

    Success in graduate school depends on careful planning, and the Graduate School is committed to helping you plan your academic and professional future. We have initiated a professional development program for graduate students with the acronym of PLAN, and during your time at the University of Louisville, we will facilitate your Professional growth, your development of Life skills, your Academic success, and your ability to successfully Network. Take advantage of the many workshops and professional development opportunities offered by the Graduate School and your own program.

    Finally, you have chosen to attend graduate school at a university in a terrific, vibrant city. Louisville offers many educational, cultural, recreational, and entertainment opportunities. Make the most of your time here as you advance your career goals.

    I wish you the best of luck in your graduate studies.

    Paul J. DeMarco, Ph.D.
    Acting Dean of the Graduate School
    Acting Vice Provost for Graduate Affairs


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