Spring DGS Meeting Agenda

      *denotes accompanied by handout

    Download the Agenda (Word)

      1. Admission and Academic Policies

        a. International Student Admissions and Academic Actions (Sharolyn Pepper and Libby Leggett)

          b. GRE Search Service (Libby Leggett)

          - IR online data request form http://louisville.edu/oapa/institutional-research-and-planning/data-request-form-1

          c. Web Page Information (Libby Leggett)
          d. Academic Probation and Warning (Courtney Kerr)

          - Probation Letter (Word)
          - Probation Warning Service Indicator (Word)
          - Warning Letter (Word)

            2. Funded Students

              1. Tuition Match Programs (Dr. Beth Boehm)

            - Tuition Match Program Letter (Word)*

              3. SIGS Activities, Events, and Opportunities

                a. Community Engagement Academy (Dr. Beth Boehm)
                b. NEH Grant Application (Dr. Beth Boehm)
                c. GRE Workshops (Dr. Latonia Craig)

                - Spring 2016 Events (PDF)*

                d. DGS Lunch and Learn (Dr. Latonia Craig)
                e. Graduate Faculty Recruitment Panel (Dr. Latonia Craig)
                f. Spring Visitation Day (Dr. Latonia Craig)
                g. Celebration of Diversity Event (Dr. Latonia Craig)
                h. Award Nominations (Dr. Ben Wetherbee)

                - Call for Diversity Scholarships and Assistantships (Word)
                - Call for Nomination of Student Awards for May 2016 Ceremony (Word)
                - Faculty Mentor and DGS Awards Announcement 2016 (Word)


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