Fall 2021 DGS Meeting

    Fall 2021 DGS Meeting Agenda

     Friday, October 15, 2021

    3:00 – 5:00 PM

    Belknap Academic Building, Room 129

    Graduate Student Council

    2021 – 2022 (Anya Trell, GSC President)

    Services for Graduate Students

     Bronwyn Williams, Director, University Writing Center

    Admission and Academic Policies

      Admission Application (Beth Boehm/Shabeer Amirali)

        1. New non-cognitive and diversity questions on the graduate application.
        2. Programs specify whether they want students to address specific non-cognitive questions.

       Application for Degree Deadline (Beth Boehm)

       Enrollment in semester of graduation (Beth Boehm)

       Doctoral defense notification (Beth Boehm)

        1. In person.
        2. Virtual will provide information only.  Provide name of person to contact if interested in attending virtual defens

     Rules to Advise By (Beth Boehm)

     Recruitment and Diversity

        Diversity scholarship/supplement (Tamekka Cornelius)

        1. New criteria for applying to/receiving supplement (self-nomination)


        DGS Orientation (Tamekka Cornelius)

     PLAN Professional Development

        PLAN Professional Development (Michelle Rodems)

        Alumni FellowTalks (Michelle Rodems)

        Graduate Student Appreciation Week (Michelle Rodems)

        Three Minute Thesis (3MT) (Michelle Rodems)

     Graduate School Initiatives, Activities, Events, and Opportunities

        Admission Dashboards (K.B. Kulasekera/Chandler Hora)

        Department/Unit Teaching Award for GTA’s (Beth Boehm)

        New Master’s Tuition Award (Paul DeMarco)

        Graduate Writing Across the Disciplines (Spring ENGL 677) (Beth Boehm)

        Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony (Courtney Kerr)

        Dates to Remember (Courtney Kerr)