Fall 2020 DGS Meeting

    Fall 2020 DGS Meeting Agenda

    Friday, October 16, 2020 
    1:00 to 3:00 PM                                                                   
    Microsoft Teams                                                               

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    Services for Graduate Students

    Bronwyn Williams, Director, University Writing Center, Writing Center Introduction Graduate Fall 2020

    Graduate Student Council Update

    Israel Curbelo, GSC President, 2020-2021

    Admission and Academic Policies

    Virtual Commencement Ceremonies and Unit Doctoral Hooding Ceremonies (Paul DeMarco)

    Guidelines for Dismissal of Students from Graduate Studies (Paul DeMarco), Graduate Student Dismissal Process and Template Letter

    Doctoral Stipend Benchmark Analysis (Paul DeMarco)

    Student Funding and COVID-19 Related Delays in Progress (Paul DeMarco)

    Award Nominations (Barbara Clark)

      • Reminder of Updated Language for Graduate School Special Awards

      • Rubrics for University Fellowships

    Holistic Admissions and new application questions (Barbara Clark)

    PeopleSoft Update (Shabeer Amirali)

    Status Change Request Form (Shabeer Amirali)

    Reminder to Update Student Withdrawal Status (Shabeer Amirali)

    Extension of Academic Probation (Courtney Kerr)

      • New Academic Probation Hold

    Leave of Absence Update (Courtney Kerr)

    Dates to Remember (Courtney Kerr)

     Recruitment and Diversity

    Recruitment Initiatives (Tamekka Cornelius), UofL Graduate School Fall 2020 Recruitment 

            Emergency Funds (Tamekka Cornelius)

            Diversity Initiatives (Tamekka Cornelius)

    M.A.G.S (Tamekka Cornelius) MAGS Fall Semester Upcoming Events, MAGS Fall Research Award 2020

    Graduate School Activities, Events, and Opportunities

    Spring 2021:  English 677:  Graduate Writing in the Disciplines (Michelle Rodems), ENGL 677 Flier

    PLAN Overview (Michelle Rodems), PLAN Overview Flyer

    Graduate Student and GTA Orientation Debrief (Michelle Rodems), Fall 2020 New Graduate Student Orientation

    New DGS Discussion

    DGS Orientation (Michelle Rodems and Tamekka Cornelius)