Fall DGS Meeting Agenda

      *denotes accompanied by handout
      Download the Agenda (Word)
    1. Title IX* (Dr. Angela Taylor) Title IX Presentation (PDF)
    2. Academic Policies
      1. State Authorizations (Dr. Paul Demarco) State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements State Authorization Q&A
      2. Catalog Changes* (Courtney Kerr/Dr. DeMarco) Catalog Update Site; Catalog Revisions (PDF)
      3. Dismissal Letters* (Courtney Kerr) Dismissal Letter (PDF)
      4. Residency Requirements* (Courtney Kerr) Residency Requirements (PDF)
      5. Accelerated Programs/Dual Degrees* (Vice Provost Bob Goldstein) Multiple Degree Definitions
      6. New DGS Training (Courtney Kerr)
    3. Recruitment and Admissions
      1. Recruiting Workshops/Lunch and Learn* (Dr. Latonia Craig) Recruitment Workshops (PDF)
      2. Recruiting Calendar* (Dr. Craig) Recruitment Travel Schedule (PDF)
      3. GRE Workshops* (Dr. Craig) GRE Workshop Schedule (JPG)
      4. Accreditation (Libby Leggett)
      5. The University of Louisville is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSCOC) Accreditation Statement

    4. Funded Students
      1. Tuition match programs (Dr. DeMarco)
      2. Online course fees for funded students* (Dr. DeMarco) Online Tuition (PDF)
      3. Student review process (Dr. Beth Boehm) Evaluation Overview
      4. Affordable Care and work hours (Dr. Boehm)
    5. For Students
        1. ENG 599-02: Advanced Academic Writing; Writing Across Disciplines* (Dr. Andrea Olinger) ENG 599-02 Flier (PDF)
        2. MAGS* (Dr. Craig) MAGS Event Calendar (PDF)
        3. PLAN Professional Development for Graduate Students (Dr. Michelle Rodems) PLAN Highlights Presentation (PPT)
        4. Student Spotlight Nominations (Dr. Duke Gatsos) Spotlight Referral Link
      1. Reminders
        1. Commencement Awards Nominations* (Dr. Gatsos) Commencement Awards and Nomination Process (PDF)
        2. Dates to remember* (Dr. Gatsos) Dates to Remember (PDF)