DGS Meeting - October 9, 2014

    DGS Meeting
    Thursday, October 9, 2014
    139 Shumaker Building

    1. Introduce Latonia Craig and Cara McHugh (Beth Boehm)
    2. Admission and Registration Information (link)
      1. New Policy for Universities/Colleges not ‘regionally’ accredited (Libby Leggett) Accreditation Policy for SIGS
      2. Admit and Deny Notifications (Libby Leggett)
      3. Admission to Master and Doctoral program- Requirement of a new application, unless admitted to both programs at the time of admission (Libby Leggett and Courtney Kerr) Master and Doctoral Admission (PDF); Dual Admit Referral (PDF)
      4. “Admission Hold” and the process in regard to lifting the hold and the completion of the form (Libby Leggett and Courtney Kerr) Graduate Admission Status Change Procedure; Approved List to Lift Graduate Admissions Hold (Excel)
      5. Registration for students who are degree candidates (Courtney Kerr) Policies for DGS Meeting
      6. Candidacy Placement- Students should not be placed in candidacy unless they have passed their comps (Courtney Kerr) Policies for DGS Meeting
    3. Fall GRE Workshops (Libby Leggett and Latonia Craig) (link)
    4. GEM Grad Lab Overview (Latonia Craig and Cara McHugh) (link)
    5. New SIGS Website (Cara McHugh and Beth Boehm) http://louisville.edu/graduate
      1. New DGS Page (link)
      2. Evaluation Procedure
      3. Evaluation of GTA’s
    6. GTA Oversight- FSSE-G Results (Beth Boehm and Cara McHugh)-FSSE-G Survey Questions ;FSSE-G Results (PowerPoint); 2014-2015 Teaching Workshops; PLAN 2015-2015 Teaching Overview
      1. Orientation/ Workshops
      2. Teaching
    7. Funding (Beth Boehm)
      1. New Out-of-State Merit Award and New Non-Resident Tuition Waiver Out-of-State Tuition Waiver (PDF)
      2. Graduate Assistantship Tuition Remission Policy (Finance office policy) Graduate Assistantship Tuition Remission (PDF)
    8. Dates to Remember (Cara McHugh) Dates to Remember
      1. Funding (link)
      2. Awards (link)
      3. Commencement (link)
      4. Spring DGS Meeting (link)
    9. English 599: Disciplinary Writing for Graduate Students (Andrea Olinger) English 599
    10. PLAN Graduate Student Professional Development Updates (Michelle Rodems) DGS Meeting Outline (PDF)
      1. Academies - 2015-2015 GTA Academy Cohort; Fall 2014 Entrepreneurship Academy Cohort; Spring 2015 Grant Writing Academy (PDF)
      2. Workshops - PLAN Overview Flyer (PDF)
      3. Academic Mock Interview Workshop Presenter needed on November 20th from 3:30-5:00 in Houchens 105 (Beth Boehm)
    11. Special Projects
      1. Alumni Tracking
      2. DGS Training
      3. STEM GTA Training