Summer Programs

University of Louisville is committed to making sure our campus is a great place to learn for all of its students. Sometimes, that learning and adjusting to college life for our new students starts before the fall semester.

If you're feeling a little nervous about coming to a larger campus or making that high school to college transition, these programs may be great for you. Or, if you're just looking to get a jump start on earning some college credits, you can take advantage of one of these unique programs:

RisingCards: UofL is excited to offer incoming freshmen the opportunity to jump start their UofL education through summer classes enhanced by the learning opportunities offered by the Adobe Suite of Creative Cloud apps. You can select up to two courses that meet Cardinal Core (general education) requirements with experienced online instructors who incorporate the creative and analytical possibilities of free Adobe Creative Cloud into their core assignments. These courses are applicable to UofL Cardinal Core for any major. 

Math Xcelerator Program (July 6 - 31): Math Xcelerator is a four-week summer bridge program designed to help students review the math skills and concepts needed to be successful during their first year at UofL. Program participants will explore pre-algebra and algebra content at their own pace with the assistance of interactive courseware, a student study guide, a facilitator, and knowledgeable math tutors.

Cards Camp (cancelled for summer 2020): Cards Camp is a 5-day, 4-night immersive experience designed to give students a jump start on their college journey.  On and off campus programming will include small group activities, team building exercises, and other engaging opportunities to discuss meaningful topics surrounding transitions to college life.

Cardinal Academy (cancelled for summer 2020): Students interested in health-related fields will take classes together, live in campus housing and participate in enriching out-of-class activities designed to help you learn more about undergraduate opportunities and professional careers that might be of interest to you.