Compassionte Withdrawal FAQ

What is the benefit of working with the Student Advocate?

The Student Advocate and DOS staff can assist with determining what processes a student needs to do for a compassionate withdrawal. While students can complete these processes without assistance, DOS staff can help to clarify, streamline, and simplify these processes.

Can the Ws on a student’s transcript be removed?

Classes and Ws cannot be removed from a student's transcript after the drop/add. Students are encouraged to retain copies of all supporting documents and approvals demonstrating they withdrew due to extenuating circumstances for any future inquires or concerns.

Can a student receive a tuition refund? What is a petition for Exception to Tuition Reduction Deadline?

Refunds/credits will be automatically processed following the University's tuition reduction deadlines listed on the Registrar's Office website. However, as part of the compassionate withdrawal process, a student may submit an Exception to the Tuition Reduction Deadline (PETRD) petition.

Can withdrawing have a negative financial impact or affect a student’s financial aid in the future?

Depending on their financial aid package, refund status, last date of participation/attendance, and other factors, withdrawing from classes may have a negative financial impact on a student. Withdrawing could affect a student’s financial aid due to failure to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Additionally, withdrawing could impact KEES money, specifically the “on track to graduate” component. More information can be found on the KEES Scholarship On-Track to Graduate website.

It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the Financial Aid Office at (502) 852-5511,, or in person in the Houchens building regarding finances before withdrawing.

What sort of documentation is needed for a withdrawal?

Students will need to provide a personal statement/letter and documentation demonstrating their extenuating circumstances. Documentation may include a doctor’s or therapist’s note, legal documents, police report, obituary, receipts, emails, bills, etc. This list is not exhaustive and academic units may request additional information and documentation.

What is the deadline to petition for a withdrawal?

There is no formal deadline to petition for a withdrawal. Earned grades will remain on a student’s transcript until a compassionate withdrawal is approved and may affect scholarships, Financial Aid, and other items.

Other related processes may have deadlines which are outlined below:

  • Tuition Petition & Financial Aid – There is not a deadline to submit a PETRD. However, if a student received Financial Aid, the grants and loans cannot be adjusted after October 1st of the following fall semester. If a student received Financial Aid and it is after that date, they will not be able to submit a petition requesting 100%.
  • SAP Appeals – Appeals must be submitted by the following dates each semester
    • July 1 – Summer Semester
    • November 1 – Fall Semester
    • April 1 – Spring Semester
    • Housing Cancellation Fee Appeal – Will not be considered after one (1) calendar year
    Can a student still do a compassionate withdrawal after grades have been posted?

    Yes, compassionate withdrawals are retroactive, and the grades will be removed from the transcript and the GPA recalculated after the withdrawal is approved and processed.

    Can a student have a parent/guardian, spouse/partner, or another individual do a withdrawal on their behalf?

    Students should complete the withdrawal process for themselves if possible. However, UofL realizes that a student may be incapacitated or unable to follow through on the process without assistance and can help navigate the process.