Lisa K Ryan, PhD

 Lisa Kathleen Ryan, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Oral Immunology & Infectious Diseases
501 S. Preston St., Room 263A
Louisville, KY 40292

Phone: (502) 852-9247
FAX: (502) 852-5572






Research Interests:
Viral induction and innate immunity of defensins, especially human beta-defensin-1 (hBD-1), studying HSV, HIV, influenza and SARS-CoV2.

Understanding immunomodulation of antimicrobial peptides by various environmental exposures, including vanadium and Vitamin D.

Development of anti-fungal and anti-viral drugs, which are based on antimicrobial peptide structure, on oral and respiratory infections in collaboration with Gill Diamond, Ph.D.

Key Review Articles:

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Key Book Chapters:

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